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Published:Sunday | January 5, 2020 | 12:00 AM

Vision 2020: Healthy, wealthy and wise

Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?

With him there is no limit.

So glorify God with your body, mind and soul.

Whatever you eat, drink, say or do.

Do it to the glory of God because He alone can make you whole.

Your health is your wealth.

Whether it’s physical, spiritual, emotional, financial or mental.

Your health is your wealth.

This is instrumental.


Emancipate yourself from unwellness and sickness.

Make your vision 2020 one of wellness and fullness.

Educate yourself to eradicate all illnesses and malpractices.

Healthy, wealthy and wise.

Yes we can accomplish this as we rise.

Vision 2020, the blessings will be plenty plenty.

Let’s eat more carrots and don’t talk too much like parrots.

Your health is your wealth.

Healthy, wealthy and wise.

What the mind can conceive and you believe it you can achieve it.


Your health is your wealth.

Don’t you know that a cheerful heart is like good medicine?

But a broken spirit dries the bones.

And you know that we are not into clones.

Minimise the stressing and maximise the blessing.

Seek happiness in the Lord.

You can never be bored.


Your health is your wealth.

Vision 2020: healthy, wealthy and wise.

Get enough sleep to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Find time for prayer, devotion and deep meditation.

Exercise all the dimensions of your body and mind.

Practise temperance in all that you do.

Skip the butter, ketchup and gravy.

Eat a healthy meal every day.

Take care of yourself every way.


Your health is your wealth.

Drink more water and less sugary drinks.

Eat fruits and vegetables.

Go meatless if you can.

Eat less food from the pan and the can.

Socialise and evangelise.

Also, get your quiet time.

Don’t feel guilty about it, it’s not a crime.

Your health is your wealth.

Healthy, wealthy and wise.

Invest in yourself.

Let that be your vision 2020

And make the blessings flow plenty plenty in 2020.

– Erika Heslop Martin


We Must Act Now

(For the missing persons and their families)


The photo of an adolescent is on the front page of the newspaper.

Another case of a missing student is on the television.

Have you seen any of these persons?

Do you have any knowledge of their whereabouts?

Who is responsible for the strange disappearance of these children?

No one will take the blame for this cruel game.


Adults, teenagers, babies, nobody is safe anywhere.

Some persons were reported missing since last week,

Others were last seen about a month ago.

Where have the inhumane abductors taken them?

Will we ever find our loved ones alive?

Something must be done about this rotten state of affairs.

We must act now before the situation gets entirely out of hand.


Where is your sense of shame and concern for humanity?

Have you all become insane individuals?

Someone snatched the only child of a woman today,

And the same thing could happen to your baby tomorrow.

Impecunious persons cannot finance a “kidnapping ring.”

So who are the perpetrators and the kingpins?

How many dignitaries and dirty cops are on the kidnappers’ payroll?


This kind of felonious activity has gone excessively far.

Together we can successfully root out human trafficking.

I call on the politicians, the security forces, the civilians,

Everybody stand up for morality and build solidarity.

Let us unity and protect our families and neighbours,

Safeguard the vulnerable children, our future,

And ensure the comfort and freedom of all humankind.


I see the pitiful tears of bereaved mothers mourning,

I understand the trauma and I feel the anguish.

I know the anger and distress of worried fathers,

The loss of a child in such a shocking manner is too painful to bear.

It is our duty to be vigilant for signs of suspicious activities.

We must put an end to this absolute insanity.


Empathy for the frightened souls overwhelms me.

My heart cries with compassion for the victims of sexual assault.

We cannot continue along this destructive path.

Intensify the search for the innocent ones.

We must act now to prevent another child from suffering.

Do whatever it takes before it is too late.

Help us to find the missing persons and bring them home.

– Marlon Pitter