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Published:Sunday | March 1, 2020 | 12:27 AM



Di ruler of our nation.

Without it, there is no elevation.

Poverty will only bring frustration to our nation.

Let’s make a difference and change our current situation.

Education, education, education.

What’s happening to our nation?

What a devastation!

Ignorance is poisoning the minds of our nation.

We not knowing how to reason out a situation without abrasion

Or laceration.

School is the facility where you get the ability,

To become a credibility or a liability.

Man: Mi cyah get noh work!

Me: Ask yourself why?

Me: How much subject yuh av?

Man: Di attempt I never try.

Me: Can yuh read and write?

Man: Nuh really but mi will try.

Yuh si why! Now yuh si why?

Education, education, education.

How yuh fi dunce like bat an waah office work?

No sah bredda,

Dat nah goh work.

Education a di key,

So know how fi unlock it

Or else yuh ago always deh a di back.

– Kristoffe Lewis


Tribute to Jamaican women

If I in another world were asked

What sort of woman I would have,

None else than a Jamaican woman

It would be without hesitation.


I have been around the world,

Seen them from America to Arabia,

But none prettier nor sweeter than she I see;

She the mixing of the peoples many,

All loveliness of all embraces.­­­­­

A Jamaican woman!

It gives me great pleasure to know

That she knows that she is wonderful,

Whether she climbs on a market truck

Or dances at the Governor’s ball;

Whether she smells of labour sweat

Or the scents of expensive perfume.

Whether her nails are covered with earth

Or glistens with colourful polishes,

Her laughter is just the same-


Whether she went not to school

Or from university graduated,

Her form attractive or thickened with age,

She is vivacious!

You need not go too far to find,

She is rather industrious,

Working hard beside her man

Working hard if she is single,

Yet finds time to play with children,

Chiding or cajoling them, nursing,

Guiding and nurturing towards their goals,

Humouring the moods of her husband,

And she likes to go to church,

A worshipful mother and wife!

And when to career she applies

None may prove more applied;

For thoroughly she plans with vision,

And nothing or no one may detract,

To work her plans most thoroughly.

The executive chair to occupy

Or with tender hands to nurse an ailing child.

(Dedicated to Black History Month)

- Oren Cousins