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Published:Sunday | December 20, 2020 | 12:19 AM


A mind programmed to wait,

Overcoming negative periods,

Optimistic, looking forward to something positive

Tolerance at its highest level,

Humility greatly exercised.

Taking life one step at a time.

Open your mind,

Creativity comes from it,

Friendship is formed by it.

Doctors have a lot of it.

Slowly but surely,

Strength to gain,

More understanding,

A virtue worth keeping,


– Erika Heslop Martin

Time marches on

Time marches on,

with its face set,

against going back

to the past.

Time marches on,

only forward will it go,

to the future,

to what will be made of it

and what it will become tomorrow.

Time marches on,

to the full accomplishment of its purpose,

at a place where it can stand still

and savour what it has become

until it is lost in timelessness.

Time marches on,

to where?

Who knows?

Only time can tell.

– Torna Samuels

Flower of Christmas

There is a flower

a pretty flower.

It’s the flower of Christmas.

This flower from Mexico

that came to Carolina

and now to Jamaica,

is the flower of Christmas.

This flower is the symbol of Christmas.

This flower is like a star,

that came from afar,

announcing Jesus’ birth.

It is the symbol of Christmas.

It is full of mirth.

There is a flower,

the poinsettia flower.

It’s the flower of Christmas.

– Emma-June Bell