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Digital rear-view mirror gets off track

Published:Sunday | August 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A digital rear-view mirror - Contributed
A digital rear-view mirror - Contributed

Chad Bryan, Sunday Gleaner Writer

With the success of the digital rear-view mirror in motorsport featured in the Audi R18, the German automaker has now moved to bring the sophisticated technology to series production in the Audi R8 e-tron. The Audi R18 contains no rear-view window and hence no conventional rear-view mirror.

The digital rear-view mirror is a camera-monitor system ensuring an ideal view of the motorist's surroundings. The 7.7-inch screen receives a feed from a tiny camera on the vehicle. The screen is dimmable, will automatically reduce the glare from headlights of cars behind the vehicle and can be turned off or deactivated by the driver.

Audi boasts that the display produces a consistent high-contrast and brilliant image.

However, Audi is not the only automaker that will use the technology. Nissan has also capitalised on it, calling theirs the 'smart rear-view mirror'. The mirror can automatically adjust for image distortion in sun and headlight glare.

This rear-view camera option is scheduled to debut in Japan, as strict laws in the United States stipulate the use of an actual rear-view mirror.