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I shall return!

Published:Sunday | September 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Kyle Gregg - File
Stefan Chin (left) leading the pack at a Dover Raceway meet in 2011. - File
Tedroy 'Teddy' Burton - File

Glenroy Sinclair, Gleaner Writer

Overwhelmed by the medical condition of one of his close family members, popular circuit racer Tedroy 'Teddy' Burton has been absent from the lanes of the Dover Raceway, St Ann, for the past two years. Now, however, he has expressed an interest in returning - hopefully with a bang - next season.

With only one race meet remaining in 2014, the St Elizabeth-based businessman is using the time to complete preparation of his brand new racing machine.

"I won't give away too much yet, but what I will say now is that it is a four-wheel drive Honda Civic which is being prepared by my top mechanic, Xavier Murray. Though we are still sourcing some of the parts, the car will be ready for the first meet in 2015," Burton told Automotives last Thursday.

One of the crowd favourites, Burton, who made his debut at Dover in 2003, has risen from a little-known rookie to a fearless and effective competitor.

"On my return, I am looking forward to competing in the MP 2 Class, which is being dominated right now by Kyle Gregg," Burton said. In response, the talented Gregg said Burton's return, especially if he chooses to run in MP 2, will not drive an ounce of fear in him.

"All being well, I will have to see Burton's new car first. In the past, many have tried to test me but have failed," said Gregg, who is now actively involved in rallying.

As motorsport fans look forward to a showdown between the two, if either one fails to show he would have conceded.

"My phone just kept ringing. Scores of persons have been enquiring about when I will be returning," said Burton, who has been spending quality time with his two-year-old daughter and focusing on his physical fitness.

Although he is yet to etch his name on the coveted Driver of the Year trophy at Dover, Teddy is hailed as the hero of St Elizabeth, the parish branded as the food basket of the island. A firm believer in God, when he is not at the track competing or preparing for a race meet, Burton is often busy helping his neighbours, including the less fortunate.

"If you don't love your neighbour then how are you going to love God?" the tall, sturdy businessman asked rhetorically. "I am guided by my conscience," he said.

Another competitor who also has been absent from the track also wants to return, but is unsure when that will be. This time it is a motorcyclist.

"I have not raced at Dover since the Labour Day meet of 2013. Nothing has changed; I still have my bike and the engine. The only thing is that I have been back and forth from Florida," said Stefan Chin, one of the better local-based riders who have raced at Dover.

The 37-year-old Portland-based businessman is expected to return soon. In preparation, he has put a number of things in place to protect himself.

"I have been involved in this sport for the past 15 years. Right now, when I raced in Florida with my friends, I do so for fun. I am watching on the outside at what is happening at Dover. They seem to have some pretty good riders and, hopefully, one day I will rejoin them. Soon," said Chin.