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Navdy redefines Heads-Up Display

Published:Sunday | September 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A motorist uses the Heads-Up Display. - Contributed

Chad Bryan, Gleaner Writer

Heads-Up Display (HUD) appears to be the wave of the future, as some of the latest motor vehicle technology revolves around it. The Navdy - a transparent HUD which presents the user with data as if it is suspended in the air - will, among many other things, enable someone to text and drive.

A modern HUD projects much of what is traditionally shown on a car's instrument panel on to the windscreen and is becoming must-have equipment for high-end modern cars.

The Navdy is currently in prototype form, but the device promises to bring a projection display with voice and gesture controls to vehicles anywhere on the price scale. The Navdy HUD prototype integrates with a user's smartphone and the car's instruments to provide the functionality of a high-end projection display. It also adds voice and gesture controls.

Utilising the device requires the Navdy to be paired with a high-performance iPhone or Android cell phone. This will allow any function or feature of the phone, such as maps, messages and music player, to be accessed.

Touchless operation

A built-in infrared camera provides touchless gestures so that drivers can quickly handle a call by swiping appropriately to answer or reject it, while the voice recognition capabilities of Siri or Google can be used to initiate phone calls or dictate social-media comments.

Developers of Navdy say the technology will even be capable of displaying information such as vehicle speed, RPM, distance-to-empty and fuel economy, as well as tyre pressure or battery voltage warnings.