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Published:Sunday | October 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Total Jamaica's customer service manager, Ava Jacobs (right), speaks with French Ambassador to Jamaica Jean-Michel Depax at the Total Card launch last Tuesday. - Contributed
The Total Card has been launched in other countries, among them Zambia, Cameroon and Ghana.
A Total service station in Kingston. - File

Chad Bryan, Gleaner Writer

Continuing initiatives to set themselves apart from their competitors in the fuel industry locally, last Tuesday, Total Jamaica Limited launched its fuelling card in Jamaica. Held at the Legacy Suite of The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, the launch attracted a number of persons from the automotive industry,

Total Card, which enables motorists to purchase fuel and other items
from Total service stations across the island, uses smart chip
technology. At the launch, the card was presented as being convenient to
use, putting individuals and business owners in total control of their
personal vehicle or entire fleet's fuel

It is also being billed as the perfect
tool for safer and convenient refuelling.


The card uses an intelligent electronic chip
that is operated on real-time point of sales terminals installed at
Total service stations in Jamaica and networked to the head office on
Hope Road in Kingston. It comes in prepaid and postpaid formats and is
equipped with a number of tamper-proof security

Network manager of Total Jamaica Limited,
Howard Henry, emphasised the integrity of the card. "One of the
important features of the card is the generation of anomaly reports. The
moment something is not consistent with the parameters you set for this
card, then there will be an anomaly report," he

The cardholder is able to keep close tabs on
usage themselves. "Each time you go online, the system will tell you if a
person tried to enter the pin more than once and failed, or if persons
enter a mileage that is inconsistent with the mileage that the vehicle
should be doing based on its last fill-up," Henry

Security measure

security measure is blocking of the card if the incorrect pin is entered
three times consecutively. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is
also employed to ensure that the correct card is being used for the
vehicle being supplied with fuel.

A level of
customisation is available to tailor the card to the holder's
requirements. "You can create a parameter if you want the card to access
fuel only, store supplies, lubricants or just fuel or all of the
above," Henry continued, explaining that once the card is used to
purchase anything outside of the established parameters, it is then

The Total Card has been launched in other
countries, among them Zambia, Cameroon and