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Invicta giveaway at ADA Motor Show

Published:Sunday | November 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The 2015 Honda CBF-150 Invicta motorcycle. - Contributed
A rear view of the 2015 Honda CBF-150 Invicta motorcycle. - Contributed

Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer

While many will leave the 2014 Motor Show put on by the Automobile Dealers' Association (ADA) making plans to acquire a vehicle they have seen, one person will literally be riding away happily into the sunset.

Kent LaCroix, chairman of the ADA, told The Gleaner that a new, 2015 Honda CBF-150 Invicta motorcycle will be given away at the show, which runs from Friday, November 28 to Sunday, November 30 at the National Arena.

Good for commercial use

LaCroix described the motorcycle as good for commercial use, such as doing deliveries, as well as personal use. He noted that it is "very fuel efficient", an official estimate of 120 miles per gallon supporting the statement.

Normally sold for $310,000, the five-speed Invicta has a halogen headlamp and digital instrument panel, among other features. It comes with a safety helmet.

He said the motorcycle market is growing in Jamaica. And while the larger sport bikes naturally attract attention, LaCroix noted that not only are the prices high, but people normally buy them used. "You find that the duty on these bikes pushes up the prices so much more than the smaller cc bikes," he said.

"They (the big motorcycles) cut a dash, but it comes at a price," LaCroix said.

Admissions: Adults $700, children $200.