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WRX power - KIG launches high-performance 2015 model

Published:Sunday | November 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The 2015 Subaru WRX STI at home on the highway. - Contributed
The 2015 Subaru WRX STI on rough road. - Contributed
The 2015 Subaru WRX STI, from behind, on the highway. - Contributed
The WRX steering wheel and console. - Photo by Chad Bryan
A 2.5-litre power plant is nestled in the engine bay. - Photo by Chad Bryan
Twin double tailpipes give the 2015 Subaru WRX STI a mean look from the back. - Photo by Chad Bryan

Chad Bryan, Staff Reporter

Delivering outstanding performance and handling, the new muscular, jaw-dropping and visually stunning 2015 Subaru WRX STI was launched last Wednesday at Kingston Industrial Garage (KIG) along Spanish Town Road, St Andrew, authorised dealers for the brand in Jamaica,

The presentation was attended by race fanatics as well as other members of the automotive industry, underscoring the car's high-performance appeal.

Addressing the gathering, KIG managing director Jeffery Panton took the opportunity to outline the new direction the company, which also distributes Ford motor vehicles, is heading in. "We'll be refurbishing and building on the infrastructure, implementing advanced training for our staff and aim for the highest level of customer service in a dealership today. Our vision for this company has everything to do with progressive change in a strategic timeline for our valid customers," he said.

Unveiled from behind white curtains then driven on the main stage as lights on cell phones and digital cameras flashed, the 2015 Subaru WRX STI made a very strong impression. In the driver's seat, the experience begins with the push of a button that awakens its 2.5-litre engine's growl, like a beast rising from slumber.

Fitting appearance

The car's exterior is ample preparation for the high-performance journey. With a high spoiler, an aggressive front end, giant bonnet scoop, black mesh grilles and well-positioned headlamps, the 2015 Subaru WRX STI looks its high-performance role.

Its interior comes complete with high-back racing seats, accentuated with red trim. The steering wheel has a flat bottom and thick rim, providing a good grip. However, the dashboard design, gauges, climate controls and information/entertainment systems are standard and feel almost dated.

KIG brought two models into the island. A white one had already been sold at the retail price of $7.3 million while the blue launch model was still available on the showroom floor at the time of the official launch.

There was testimony from a happy owner. "I always wanted a car that gives me the excitement to go out and drive, not just any car that goes from point A to point B. I wanted a car that gave me an excuse to go for a drive," said Dennis Chin-Quee, owner of a brand new 2015 Subaru WRX STI.

Domanie Denniston, who owns a 2012 Subaru STI, said she enjoys driving her vehicle. Both Subaru owners were given tokens by KIG.