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Bob's Land Rover rides again

Published:Sunday | February 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Contributed This pre-restoration picture shows the extent of damage to the Land Rover's grille.
Contributed The Land Rover's seat with distinctive red, gold and green trim.
File Bob Marley's Land Rover when it was still on display at 56 Hope Road befoe restored.
Contributed A view through the windscreen before the Land Rover was restored.
Contributed Bob Marley's Land Rover restored and in pristine condition.

Bob Marley's matte-blue 1977 Series III Land Rover, which had been on display at 56 Hope Road for over quarter century and fallen into disrepair, has been

completely restored.

The project was done through Sandals Resorts International, ATL Automotive, ITC (regional distributors for Land Rover) and the Marley family.

Adam Stewart, chief executive officer for Sandals Resorts International, credited Marley with giving Land Rover a boost in Jamaica. "Bob really raised the profile of our nation of Jamaica, and we felt the greatest gift we could give to him was to restore his original Land Rover to its

former glory," Stewart said.

The renovation project took two years, with parts being sourced from as far as Africa (the engine came from Ethiopia) and England.

Cedella Marley did the upholstery design.

Marley's Land Rover was returned to the legend's home-turned-museum located at 56 Hope Road in Kingston for his 70th birthday celebrations, and will also be a part of

several celebrations around the island.