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Couple comes up with car cleaning product

Published:Sunday | March 1, 2015 | 12:00 AMRasbert Turner
Lyndon O'Sullivan proubly indicates one of the cleaning products he and his wife have come up with.
Camille O'Sullivan with the Stain Blaster.

Utilising their creativity to make a living, Lyndon and Camille O'Sullivan have come up with the Stain Blaster, a cleaning product which can be used extensively in the automobile industry.

The couple said the cleaning agent line, which includes the flagship Multi-purpose Cleaning Solution, Stain Blaster, and Tangie Clean variations, is doing very well.

They are also very easy to use.

"All that is needed is for you to just spray it on and wipe. All you will have is a clean, sweet-smelling surface," Camille said.

The product is recommended for persons who need to remove a wide range of blemishes. These include bloodstains, mildew, ink marks, grease and general dirt. It is used by spraying on to the dirty surface, which is then wiped with a wet cloth.

"We started this product in December 2013 at home in Willowdene. It is encouraging to know that our initiative has made so many [people] happy, " Lyndon said.




Although the start-up was challenging, after production of the first batch, the cleaning agent has made steady market gains.

The O'Sullivans told The Sunday Gleaner that there were many days when they gathered various ingredients to make the products while they were hungry, but were determined to carve out a niche in the cleaning-solution market.

Having started with the Stain Blaster, they decided to progress to a flexible washing solution.

"We started to get requests for a soap cleanser. After we started to supply the Blaster, we started Tangie Clean, which complements the Stain Blaster," Lyndon said.

One customer gave the general cleaner humorous endorsement. "Bwoy, the Tangie Clean work like a miracle. One cup washed the car and left it smelling good. Mi all use it to bathe. Yes, man. It flexible bad," taxi operator Marcus McDonald said.

With three staff members on board, the small business is also providing employment. It was made clear that the business is being operated professionally.

"The company is duly registered and is compliant with the required standards. The aim is to, in the near future, do fragrances, shampoo, polish and other added products," Camille said.