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For Dad the driver (or not)

Published:Sunday | June 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A man washing the car all by himself. A good gift for Father's Day is to do the job for him.

So it is Father's Day one more time, and for the fathers who are drivers it is a great time to do something to show appreciation which has a connection to what, chances are, is one of his great passions. A passion that is far behind the enthusiasm for his family, of course.

And the fathers who do not drive a motor car are not to be left out. After all, the automobile must still play a significant part in his life as he gets through his daily rounds.

The good thing is that although it is Father's Day, the things that can be done for fathers related to motor vehicles are not restricted to the day. Nor do they have to cost a lot of money - although, if you are willing to splash out the cash, it is unlikely that any father will turn down a new ride, for example.

So, what can you give the driving dad today, to show how much he is appreciated and his passion for the automobile respected? And what can you follow up with after today? Quite a few things, actually.

1. A car wash. It can be a professional job, done either by a mobile unit that is called in or the car can be taken to the location. However, it is so much more personal done at home by the people who care. There have been so many times when Daddy has washed the car by himself. Why not allow him to watch it being done this time around? Round up the youngsters (if they are old enough), get the buckets and brushes, set up the big man with a tall drink where he can watch, and get to work. One warning though - he may still be so attached to doing it himself that he ends up micro-managing the process and giving instructions. Grin and bear it. It's his day and his baby.

2. A key ring. OK, so he has one already and maybe many more that he does not use, but it is what is on the key ring that counts. Find something that ties in with his personality and he will appreciate the effort. It would be great if something about the car was on it - which is not that hard to do, as many novelty item suppliers will put a picture in the key ring. More than likely it will not be a problem if every time he touches his car keys he figuratively takes hold of his family.

3. There are other items which go inside the car which would make great gifts for the driving man. From hanging stuff for the rear-view mirror to a dashboard sticker, there is a lot to choose from. It could be seat covers - in the colour of his favourite Premier League team. On the outside, personalised licence plate holders are a sure shot. If the pockets are really deep, there are few fathers who would turn down a set of new rims. An exhaust pipe tip is a much cheaper way of adding some chrome to the vehicle to give it some sparkle.

4. How about a replica of the vehicle, to put on his desk or in the bedroom? If he likes his car, then no doubt he will be very enthusiastic about having a small one of the same make, model and colour that he can carry wherever he wants to go to.

5. Money never hurts, but it would be put down for a specific car-related purpose like insurance or towards a new set of tyres. Having a head start on the next premium is not a small thing.

6. Tickets (if required) and a trip to the next hot car-related event, such as drag or circuit racing. This works for the driving as well as non-driving father.

7. And speaking of money, for the father who is not yet behind the wheel, a 'liitle thing' to start a fund for his car purchase would really help make his Father's Day 2015 memorable.

- M.C.