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ATL pushes VW Golf on safety, fuel economy

Published:Sunday | June 28, 2015 | 12:00 AMKawain Fearon
The car's lines are especially strong from this angle.
A view of the interior from the driver's side.
With the trunk lid raised, the 2015 VW Golf TSI shows its hatchback distinctiveness.
The 2015 VW Golf TSI with the bonnet up to show the engine bay.

Safety and fuel efficiency were the selling points of the 2015 VW Golf TSI at the ATL Automotive launch of the vehicle at its Oxford Road showroom on Wednesday.

In touting the car's safety features, ATL Automotive's group general manager, Matthew Cripps, asked "How many other car brands can boasts its robust and long-lasting build and engineering? No other car brand boasts a five-star crash safety rating on every model. Volkswagen drivers have been involved in crashes and they have returned to our showroom to say how safe the car was

and (emerged) unscathed from accidents."

With the car boasting the title of 2015 World Car of the Year, Cripps said "the Volkswagen brand ... is ranked number eight on the 2014 list of Fortune 500 global companies, and holds the top spot for the automobile industry." Other awards bestowed on the Golf are North American Car of the Year, and it was also named on the 10 Best List for 2015 by Car and Driver.

With a standard 1.8L 170-hp turbocharged engine and an available torque-filled TDI(r) clean diesel engine, the Golf promises a superb performance and fuel efficiency of up to 45 miles to the gallon on the highway.

To push the brand in Jamaica, Cripps noted that Volkswagen will be launching an advertising campaign with a top local athlete, whose name will soon be disclosed. This, according to the general manager, will signal the arrival of the brand and the intention to widen its customer base in Jamaica.

As Volkswagen is geared towards being the number-one automobile brand by 2018, Cripps highlighted the investment that ATL has made in pushing the brand locally.

"We invested more than US$15 million in upgrading our service facilities in Kingston and Montego Bay. We continue to invest in the training of our staff to make sure they are always ready to serve in an unbeatable way. It's not just a slogan, it's a way of life," he said.