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Memories of Flat Bridge

Published:Sunday | March 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The Rio Cobre overflowing its banks and covering a section of the Bog Walk gorge road in 2010.
Persons take chicken meat, frankfurters and pigs' feet out of the Rio Cobre after a trailer transporting meat plunged into the river in October 2010. Three men drowned in the crash.
A car is driven on the raod through the Bog Walk gorge in 2010, as the Rio Cobre threatens to spill over into the roadway.
A motorist crosses Flat Bridge in the Bog Walk gorge in 2010, when the water level fell enough to show a vehicle which has been submerged in the St Catherine river for two years, vendors told The Gleaner. Residents used rope to keep the car from moving.
A tractor trailer transporting LPG lies in the Rio Cobre, after falling off Flat Bridge in January 2016.
A container which fell off a trailer and into the Rio Corbre in 2012.
Rising waters of the Rio Cobre just under Flat Bridge in 2011,
A crane raises a tractor trailer from the Rio Cobre by the the Flat Bridge in the Bog Walk gorge, St Catherine, on November 6, 2011.

With the recent opening of the section of the North-South Highway between Angels and Linstead last month, traversing the Bog Walk Gorge, including Flat Bridge, is now optional for motorists who are not going to communities along that roadway. Motorists being trapped during flooding and persons drowning as vehicles go off the Flat Bridge should become a thing of the past. There remain some striking images in The Gleaner's archives, and today, we revisit a few of the more recent ones.