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Radical change at Dover

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 11:29 PM
File Kyle Gregg
Contributed Monique Gibbs, head of the JRDC.
Contributed Doug 'Hollywood' Gore
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File David Summerbell leads Doug Gore at Dover Raceway at the Heroes Day meet which closed the 2015 season at the St Ann track.
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File Charles Chen waves the chequered flag at the Carnival of Speed meet at Dover Raceway, St Ann, on Easter Monday 2015.
Contributed :Sebastien Rae

Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator

Intense preparation is under way for the Carnival of Speed Easter race meet at the Dover Raceway, St Ann, next weekend, which is shaping up to be a rivalry threatening to scorch the tracks.

News of Kyle Gregg’s newly acquired Radical race car and the 1:19 lap time it did recently during a practice session has been spreading through the racing circles like wildfire and top driver Doug Gore is not amused.

“This 1:19 seconds done by Kyle (Gregg) is no joke. This means that there could, threeway battle between me, him, and David (Summerbell) heading into corner one. He (Gregg) will be right there,” a concerned Gore toldAutomotives. In an immediate response, Gore and his team has brought in a top-rated mechanic from Czechoslovakia to install some fittings in final preparation for his Audi. "Trust me, I am looking forward to this," said Gore.

The accustomed headline battles between Gore and Summerbell seem set to change, with Gregg eager to upset the apple cart.



"The Radical is a three-litre, United Kingdom-manufactured car built for racing. Recently, I tested it at Dover and did 1:19-seconds. The Dover track record is in danger, and I believe I can get a 1:17 seconds. I have never disappointed my fans and I have no intention of doing that this time around," said Gregg, indirectly sending a message that he is coming all out for the chequered flag.

The son of veteran racer Gary Gregg, Kyle stressed that he had been receiving a number of telephone calls from fans enquiring if he had the ammunition to pull it off. "They have been asking if I can do it. My answer to them is I am not coming to disappoint anybody," said Gregg.

The upgrade means that all eyes will be focused on the Thundersport II Class. Among the other drivers expected to face the starter are Chris Campbell, Peter Rae, Peter 'Bull' Thompson, Charles Chen, and Heath Causewell.

According to Summerbell, Ian Webb and the crew have been busy preparing his Mitsubishi Evolution 8, which they are hoping will be more reliable than before, as well as much faster. Peter Rae said that his Epping-branded Mazda RX-7 has undergone "open heart surgery" and will be ready for the big day.

Newly elected president of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club (JDRC) Monique Gibbs disclosed that several overseas drivers had been confirmed for the meet. The list includes Junior Hydes of the Cayman Islands, who will be driving a Mitsubishi Evolution. Also down to compete are Lamar and Jeff Larmond, also of Cayman; and Dayne Cork of the United States, driving a Honda Civic.

In the Bracket classes, Brian Shor, Vivian Mitchell, Sebastien Rae, Fraser McConnell, William Myers, and Dean Corrodus are the drivers to watch out for. In the Modified Production Class, Nigel Edwards, Keith Mills, Matthew Gore, Guy Fraser, Don Gilbert, and Natasha Chang should battle for the top honours.

The top motorcyclists who will be in action are AndrÈ Rickards, Kyle Reynolds, Norman Chung, and Dennis ChinQuee.

Some 60 drivers and 15 motorcyclists are expected to be in action at Carnival of Speed.