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Too close to call - Fans anticipate intense Dover action

Published:Friday | March 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMGlenroy Sinclair
Vivian Mitchell (left) receives one of the trophies he won at last December's Dover race meet from Simone McGowan.
Sebastien Rae (left) collects award his award from Simone McGowan.
William Myers' eyes are glued to the trophy he is accepting from Simone McGowan.
With a smile, Doug Gore (;eft) collects an award he won last December, from Simone McGowan.
Dean Shaw (left) collects an award from Simone McGowan, during the prize-giving segment of the launch of the Dover Raceway 2016 season, held last Monday, at the KIG showroom.
William Myers, one of the young drivers who will be competing attoday's Carnival of Speed.
Old rivals David Summerbell (left) Doug Gore at the launch of the Total Lubricants sponsored Carnival of Speed race meet, held last Monday at the KIG Showroom, Spanish Town Road, St Andrew.
Howard Henry, Marketing manager of Total Lubricants, speaks about the company's sponsorship of the 2016 JRDC circuit racing season, at Dover Raceway, St Ann, during its official launch at KIG, Spanish Town Road, St Andrew, last week..

Tomorrow, what has been dubbed the fiercest circuit racing rivalry over the past 15 years unfolds at the Dover Raceway, St. Ann, as Kyle Gregg, Doug Gore, David Summerbell, Peter Rae, Chris Campbell and other drivers clash in the Thundersport II Class.

"It has been a while we have had so many strong competitors in this we event. We have so far counted at least eight drivers, any of which can win," meet organiser Dean Corrodus told Automotives on Friday.

The line-up at the Total Lubricants-sponsored Carnival of Speed race meet has brought back memories of the many intense battles among Pinky McGann, Peter Moodie, Chris Issa, Michael Lewis, Robert Moyston and others drivers during the early 1990s.

Speaking at last week's Carnival of Speed launch, held at KIG. Spanish Town Road, St Andrew, Corrodus said tomorrow's meet will get under way at 8:30 a.m. "We will have 21 races, and this includes motorcycle events," Corrodus said.


close finish

The fans, like political analysts in the recent general election, are predicting a close finish in the showdown involving Gore's Audi, Gregg's newly-acquired Radical, and Summerbell's Evolution 8. There are reports that the Radical was spotted for the second time at Dover during practise on Friday.

"It seems like it is going to be a straight shoot out between Kyle Gregg and Doug Gore. Though Kyle (Gregg) has done some incredible lap times recently with the Radical, I believe he may still need more seat time with this new car. For me, Gore (Doug) still has the edge," commented Devon Scott, popularly known as 'Bulla', from Havendale, St Andrew, a certified mechanic for the past 30 years and diehard motorsport fan.

Nicholo 'Turbo' Anderson from St Mary believes that if Summerbell's Evolution 8 is in good, reliable form, then there will be no match for him.

"The competition is good and it should be a good meet, but until I personally analyse the cars and make my conclusion, I will not call it because it is going to very close," said Anderson.

Another experienced mechanic, Chressmore 'Bolt' White from Arlene Gardens, St Andrew, had two words for motorsport fans "be there." A 20-year veteran of the mechanic trade, White believes it is going to be an exciting showdown.

"Based on his recent lap times, Kyle (Gregg) should be there, Doug (Gore) is expected to give an excellent performance. But there will be a dark horse in the field and that is David (Summerbell). If his car is in reliable form, then he will be in the close finish too," said White.

Runaway Bay's Daneille Campbell, a member of the Bowlas Nesbeth Crews, said unlike the other meets nobody can confidently predict a winner.

"It is not like one time when it was a two car showdown.

There is strong competition now and anybody of the big three Kyle Gregg, Doug Gore and David Summerbell can take the chequered flag," said Campbell.