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Driving puts Law's academics on track

Published:Sunday | May 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jonathan Law suited up and ready to race.
Jonathan Law
More of the trophies Jonathan Law has earned from his go-karting prowess.
Contributed Some of the trophies Jonathan Law has won for go-karting.

When he won the Rotax Mini Max title five years ago Jonathan Law was in the midst of preparing to sit the GSAT examination. At that time, the sweet victory was a dream come true. Now enrolled at Jamaica College the teenager once again intends to ease off the gas pedal, this time in order to prepare for CSEC exams which begin later this month.

This is happening in Law's post-race euphoria. About two weeks ago the Jamaica College fourth former dominated the Rotax Senior Class with a clean sweep of the events to assume leadership of the class.

"It is an awesome feeling, winning," said Law, who has his eyes fixed on a series which is scheduled to resume at the Palisadoes International Raceway, Kingston, soon. "I am looking forward to joining the Shifter Kart programme at the track," said Law, who recently acquired a brand new, speedy go-kart.

Jonathan's father, Samuel, is a happy man. He remembers when Jonathan started karting a decade ago he was not as academically focused as he now is.

"Since he began karting it has been an amazing turnaround for him. He has improved academically. Right now he is in fourth form and will be doing Additional Mathematics and English in CSEC this year. Based on his potential I am expecting a triple A distinction in Maths. Next year when he is in fifth form he will be sitting seven more subjects in CSEC. Karting has helped him a lot to focus," said Sammy Law, who is now one of Jonathan's driving coaches.

"The win means a lot to him," the older Law added.

Since he began go-karting, Jonathan's goal has always been to race Formula One cars professionally and pursue a career in engineering. Up to a decade ago among Jonathan's dreams was to emulate Britain's race driver Lewis Hamilton. "He wants to be an engineer like his aunt and grandfather. He chose not to follow the path of me or his mother. We are both pharmacists," Law told Automotives.

Neil Williams, one of the Jamaica Karting Association's (JKA) directors, described Jonathan as one of the youngsters with potential. Previously, Peter Moodie named Law as one of the youngsters who have benefited tremendously from the sport.

In a recent interview with Automotives, president of the JKA, David Summerbell, stressed that among the club's 2016 objectives is to grow the sport and improve the young drivers. Jonathan is one of the youngsters who have competed on the international circuit, participating in a number of meets on the Florida circuit.