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Ja holds own at Jamwest

Published:Friday | May 27, 2016 | 12:00 AMGlenroy Sinclair
Kyle Gregg completes his victory lap after beating the best of the crop of circuit racing drivers in the Caribbean during the CMRC event at Jamwest last weekend.
A member of Peter Rae's mechanical crew retrieves the door of Rae's Mazda RX-7, which fell off during one of the epic battles during last weekend's CMRC events held at Jamwest, Westmoreland.
Peter 'Zoom Zoom' Rae (left) and his Guyanese rival in a Mazda RX-7 go all out during the Group 2 CMRC event. After round one Rae is ahead on points in that egional championship class.
Klye Gregg (right) speeds toward the finish line at Jamsest last weekend.

The thousands of diehard motorsport fans who turned out last weekend at the Jamwest Speedway in Little London, Westmoreland, left with an appetite for more circuit racing and eager for more action.

At first, nobody knew which of the Jamaicans would stand up to the Maloneys of Barbados, the Jeffreys of Guyana and the strong, talented Trinidadian team. This was based on reports that Doug Gore's Audi TT had an engine problem and maybe would not hold out on a gruelling day. David Summerbell was out, and there was not much positive news about the other Jamaican drivers.

Before the event, it appeared as if everything was left on the shoulders of Kyle Gregg and his Texaco-sponsored Radical. All doubts and uncertainty were erased by Gregg's record-breaking performance in the Four-Wheel Drive Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) Group 4 race.

"Before the start, I felt a bit nervous because of all the big names from the across the Caribbean that were in the line-up. At the start of the race, I remember Guyana's Kristian Jeffrey flashed past me and assumed the lead by about three car lengths. I kept my composure and drove an excellent race to not only take the chequered flag, but shatter the lap record," said a confident Gregg, who has begun preparations for the rest of the season.

With his eyes set on the regional title, the Texaco-sponsored driver is currently in second place behind Doug Gore, who sprang some surprises by winning two of the three races.

"We knew we had a problem with the engine, so my job was not to pressure the car too much because if the computer inside the car goes, we would be in big trouble," said Gore, who survived a dramatic showdown with Gregg while negotiating one of the sharp corners.




While Gregg and Gore are celebrating, the ageing and ever-present Peter 'Zoom Zoom' Rae, has a lot to he happy about as well. He disposed of Guyana's Mohan Rangasammy to be on top of the tables in the 2-Wheel Drive CMRC Group 4.

Trinidad's Mark Gill, with the fastest lap time in the CMRC Group 2 Class, looks a cut above the field. Sebastien Rae was no match for him each time they clashed in the class. Also, Paul Vieira of Trinidad easily dominated the CMRC Group 3 Class.

The Guyanese team of Stephen Vieira and cousins, Elliot and Matthew Vieira, were unstoppable in the CMRC bike events.


The current CMRC standings are:

- Trinidad 317

- Jamaica 291

- Guyana 131

- Cayman 60

- Barbados 43