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Thundersport three-way - Gore, Gregg, Summerbell get Dover wins

Published:Sunday | August 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMNeville Graham
Kyle Gregg leading Doug Gore.
Jared Wright's motorcycle being taken up after his crash at Dover last Sunday.
Jared Wright (on ground) being gven assistance after taking a spill at as he was about to negotiate corner 2 at the Dover Raceway last Sunday, during the Independence of Speed meet.
Doug Gore leads Kyle Gregg comfortably.
Fraser McConnell (right) leading Sebastien Rae in a race at last Sunday's Independence of Speed meet at the Dover Raceway, St Ann. McConnell won the race.
David Summerbell's Mitsubisi Evolution 8 (left) in contact with Doug Gore's Audi DTM as they tangle in the Independence of Speed meet at Dover Raceway, St Ann, last Sunday.
Lamar Larmond, who drives a Toyota Corolla AE86.
Patrick Patterson, who drives a Mistubishi Evo 9.
Leroy 'Ice' Spence, who drives a Honda Civic Type R, in the B35 category.
Cory Walters, who drives a Ford Escort with a Toyota 4AGE 20 valve engine in the B45 category, at the Independence of Speed meet at Dover Raceway, St Ann, last Sunday.

None of the top drivers managed to totally dominate the Total Independence of Speed Meet at Dover Raceway, St Ann, last Sunday. The fair-sized crowd was treated to one win each from the big three - David 'King' Summerbell in his Mitsubishi Evolution 8; Kyle 'Speedy' Gregg in his Radical RXC; and Doug 'Hollywood' Gore in his Audi DTM.

Summerbell led a procession as he started race one on pole. No one could match him on speed as he blistered the track with a best lap of 1.18.847secs. His arch-rival, Gore, had no chance as he started at the back of the pack because he did not go through the qualifying round. Gregg managed second, driving conservatively as he piloted the Radical RXC with a refreshed Ford Ecoboost V8 engine with Suzuki Hayabusa cylinder heads. Gregg is yet to unlock the full capabilities of the new car.

Thundersport Race Two was full of hell-raising drama and excitement. It was easily the race of the day as Gore and Summerbell fought a ding-dong battle. Gore was in no mood to give up the two car lengths advantage he got through the reverse grid format. Summerbell pestered Gore for six laps, breathing down his neck every time they exited the corner 10 and lined up for the start/finish straightway.

When starter Dale Brooks showed the white flag for the last lap, Summerbell seemed to say 'it's now or never'. He buried his right foot as the Garrett turbo charger in the Evolution sucked everything out of the atmosphere in front of it. With the burst of speed, Summerbell slipped from behind Gore, trying to slingshot through corner one. Gore slammed the door shut, leaving his arch-rival to clip the rear wing of the Audi DTM. Gore was still ahead and holding off Summerbell in front of the spectators. Gregg saw an opening and squeezed the Radical RXC through to pass both cars and eventually win the race ahead of Summerbell and Gore.

The final Thundersport Race Three had its fair share of excitement. Several slower cars were lapped as some Modified Production cars were combined with the big boys in one race. The big three burned the track, trying to get the upper hand.


Mechanical problems


Summerbell's crew had worked overtime to cure his car of mechanical problems, following the contact with Gore. He was blazing hot as Dale Brooks dropped the green flag signifying the rolling start. Man and machine gave their all, with the chequered flag eight laps away. Summerbell was beginning to look like he would lead a procession around the track.

He exited corner two and barrelled down the stretch before corner three - into trouble. Summerbell told Automotives that when he tried negotiating the tight right-hand corner, he had that gut-wrenching feeling a driver gets when the brake pedal goes straight to the floor. The car spun in the grass as Summerbell manhandled the car back on to the track.

Meanwhile, Gore and Gregg, who had slipped ahead, clawed at each other, but Gore was merciless. The 'Boom' Audi DTM snarled as Gore extracted the day's fastest lap time of 1.17.354 secs. He was not to be denied a win on the day as the sun set on another day of excitement at Dover Raceway.

For the Independence of Speed Meet, Gregg, with one win and two second-place finishes, ended with the most points. Summerbell ended one win, one second, and one third-place finish, while Gore had one win and two third-place finishes. This sets up the next meet nicely as 'Speedy' Gregg is promising to take all three races at the final race meet for the year, while Summerbell and Gore are promising to do everything to make their fans happy.

There is no word yet on arrangements for the Heroes of Speed season-ending meet.

Other winners on the day included William Myers, Ackeel Shorter, Fraser McConnell, Ian Wright, and Sebastien Rae. Race officials are still investigating as Myers was involved in an accident in his second race after he was hit by Nigel Edwards, who was hit in the side by Peter Jaggon. All three drivers were out for the rest of the race day.