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Brake failure ends in 'scary' crash

Published:Sunday | September 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Thomas 'Cruz' Hall is counting his lucky stars, after extensively damaging the Stewarts Racing Mitsubishi Lancer GT at New Works near Linstead, St Catherine, last Sunday. At the same time he is vowing to come back strong when the next rally drivers' event takes place, hopeful that he can finish the year in a good position in the competitive JA 3 Class.

Speaking to Automotives Cruz described how despite everything happening in a flash time was in slow motion, just as he was getting so much from the car. Hall says they (driver and navigator) went up a hill they were used to and then over a crest at which he would normally steady the car and jump over. Next was a slight left-hander were he tapped the brakes and powered through.

Just as Hall reached a flat area and the Lancer was at the top of fourth gear going full blast, it was time to slow down and negotiate a tight hairpin bend. Hall said when he tapped the brakes again he was left with that sinking feeling.

"We lost brakes. A brake line broke, so we literally had no brakes at the top of fourth gear so we ran off and that was it," Hall said after the rally, with the car on a wrecker.

The Lancer GT that Hall pilots is part of the Stewarts Racing set-up. He says hopefully, the team will be able to do the necessary repairs, which include extensive work to the front and two driver's side doors. Hall said the car bounced off three orange trees before frontally colliding with a fourth.

"It's quite bad, really bad. We were going very fast when we went off in the trees. haven't had a chance to look at the car that much," Hall said at the time of the crash.

Hall has had his fair share of mishaps in the past, but still manages a no-fear style of driving that belies the moniker 'Cruz'. Hall is putting this incident in the top drawer in terms of memories he will keep.

"It was scary, it was just scary. I didn't know what to do. In fact, there was nothing we could do," Hall concluded.