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Published:Sunday | November 27, 2016 | 12:03 AM


Auto Story

Offer too low

Make: BMW

Year: 1974

Model: 2002

Advantage: super absorbent suspension, extremely durable parts

Disadvantage: non powered steering, parts are hard to access

Owner's Comment: My father lived in England and decided to live in Jamaica in 1974, which was the same year I was born. He had the car in England and really liked it so he shipped it to Jamaica. Unfortunately, after a couple of years he decided to sell it, I guess a two-door car and a three-member family just don't go hand in hand.

It took him several years to spot the car again and he repurchased it. I'm almost certain he overpaid (lol!) It wasn't in the best of conditions, so it took us some time to restore it. I think the previous owner had it parked for a long period.

What's great is that for the past 10 years I have done no major mechanical work apart from the regular servicing.

Unfortunately, my father passed in 2010 and for sentimental reasons I decided to keep it in pristine condition and not sell it. It's something that meant a lot to him so it means a lot to me. It's the main reason I had the personalised license plate holder made, "Ans. 1 1974. Ans. 2. Offer too low"

As told by Gordon Chuck

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