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Auto profile | Hard work driving 'Teego' Norris's mobile auto shop

Published:Friday | January 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMPaul G. Messam

He loves the motoring world. He is an ordinary man doing extraordinary things. If you have any motor vehicle trouble, give him a buzz and your challenges are history. His philosophy of life surrounds the concept that hard work is the driver and key to success. This is Anthony Roy Norris, who is affectionately called 'Teego'.

He attended the Hope Bay All-Age School in the parish of Portland. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the traditional high school was never graced by his humble presence. After leaving all-age school at age 15, he went into the world of the auto mechanic trade.

It was hard to continue the interview without asking how he got the name 'Teego'. "I worked with a boss whose name is Junior Spencer, of Spencer's garage, who gave me that name, and from that day until today, the name has stuck with me.

"In fact, they used to call me 'School Boy', and so one day, Junior Spencer placed an engine in front of me with bolts and wires and required of me to fit it up accordingly. I immediately got to work fitting up, tightening up, connecting wires, and then one kick, and boom - the engine started." His boss was so proud of him, he gave him the new moniker, Teego.

In order to further develop his innate skill, knowledge, and abilities, he was given the opportunity to travel to England, where he engaged in training and later did a short stint of work. With this experience under his belt, Teego started his business in 2009 around the concept of a mobile bus. "I was involved with that type of work while in England," Norris explained.

With his attractive mobile bus and labelled with his motto, 'Stand clear, don't have any fear, Teego is here', Teego goes anywhere at anytime once he gets a call. In fact, he describes himself as a car engineer. His mobile unit is like a moving mechanic shop, equipped with every tool and equipment found in any modern auto shop. "From compressor to air tools, screws, nuts, and bolts, and more."

Anthony Norris is of the view that a driver is as safe as the vehicle he or she is driving. And so, keeping the car in perfect condition should be the primary aim of every good driver. "The automobile should be considered a tool, and like any other craftsman, the driver should do his best to keep it in excellent working condition," Norris adds.

He also explained that the increasing highway speeds and the multiplying throngs of cars are steadily making all traffic situations more challenging. There is no place or space for a constantly breaking-down jalopy. He further explained the seriousness of complete loss of steering or brakes; the shedding of a wheel; badly worn brake linings, worn down to shiny metal, which cuts the driver's stopping efficiency in half. "Certainly, the basis of a well-maintained car is a well-tuned-engine," said Anthony Norris. "Without an engine that operates at full efficiency, a motor vehicle is a hazard on our jam-packed, cloaked roads.'

That is why his mobile unit is of paramount importance to the motoring world. From his unit, when he gets the call and arrives, he makes a full diagnosis of the problem.

Norris is a very thorough man who knows his trade inside out and prefers to work alone. This, perhaps, is a blessing as he often works overtime and at odd hours.

Also, he is elated when his many customers are happy. "When it comes to my business, I always want to know that my customers are happy, especially the loyal ones."

Teego embraces the sentiment expressed by a famous writer, Edward William Bok: "Find your place and hold it. Find your work and do it, and put everything you have got in it. "

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