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Sophistication on budget

Published:Sunday | January 22, 2017 | 12:00 AMRyan Blake

The current-generation Mazda 2 has evolved with Mazda's 'Kodo - Soul of Motion' design philosophy. On the exterior of this sub-compact sedan, richly sculpted forms and forward-inclined lines create an athletic appearance of the Mazda 2. The strong yet fluid lines of the Mazda gives the impression that the car is in a high price bracket.

Inside the Mazda 2, the Kodo theme is very present. An uncluttered dash, premium materials and stainless steel accents set this sedan apart from its rivals. Drivers can select the colour of the interior inserts. Our Aluminium Metallic tester came with Soul Read inserts - adding to the cars athletic DNA.

In the driver's seat, a snug wrap-around cockpit enhances the driving experience and provides a sophisticated atmosphere. The 2 comes equipped with today's technological necessities, such as an intelligent key fob, bluetooth radio, but a feature that sets this car apart from rivals is its infotainment system - dubbed the MZD Connect.

The MZD Connect consists of a seven-inch touch screen and a rotary dial with dedicated buttons located on the centre console. Users can adjust audio as well as vehicle settings through the MZD connect interface, which supports USB as well as bluetooth connectivity.


1.5-litre engine


Powering the Mazda 2 is a 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-G engine, capable of producing 113BPH - mated with a five-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission with a manual shift gate. The transmission also has a sport mode, which allows for more powerful acceleration and linear response. The SKYACTIV suite of technologies developed by Mazda allows for increased fuel efficiency and engine output.

Driving the 2 unwraps another surprise. The engine is quick and gear changes are extremely smooth. Body roll is minimal and the handling is dependable. The electronic power-assist steering is sharp and the suspension absorbs a lot of road inconsistencies. The car tackled Mountain Spring with ease, illustrating the unison of the SKYACTIV technologies and the car's ability to have fun.

The Mazda 2, even with its stylish proportions, allows ample storage in the trunk. The attention to detail is also visible in the design of the 'A' pillars. They widen at the left and right spread angles, allowing the driver to see further when cornering, and the side mirrors are mounted on the doors for enhanced pedestrian visibility.

With its breathtaking design, use of soft touch and premium materials, the Mazda 2 has managed to raise the bar when it comes to expectations in the sub-compact car segment.


Technical Data:


Model Tested:

2016 Mazda 2

1500cc I-4 Petrol Engine

Output: 115 BPH

Fuel Consumption: 4.9/100KM


Key Features:


MZD Connect Infotainment System

Push-to-start technology, Keyless Entry/Exit - Key Fob

Price as Tested:





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