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Shane Angus….. Young gifted and CARing

Published:Thursday | January 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM

 Pick up the typical celebrity magazine and you will not necessary read about this man. However, check the vintage car shows and the Classic car club and you will meet Shane Angus beaming with vim, vigor and motoring vitality. Born in St. Elizabeth, where he graced the walls of Munro College with his presence, Shane has used the ingredients of hard work and a fairly balanced life to propel himself to the top of his profession.  He is presently the knowledge service manager at JAMPRO, where he skillfully oversees the investments in information technology.
Shane Angus would need more than 24 hours in a day to fulfill all his hopes, dreams and aspirations. He, however, makes full use of his time management skills. He is a car enthusiast and he makes no bones about it. He is in love with classic cars of all ages. Shane often speaks about the magic of age. “Age can turn some cars into a classics, like wine” says Shane. His love relationship started from when his father Bevon Angus, a mechanic, who worked at Alpart but operated a garage during weekends. “During the weekend, I worked with him which proved to be good experience.” Shane Angus says. “My father had a 1975 MG Morris Grant, which looks like a Porsche and it made me love classic cars even more as each day passed.” Shane’s love for these cars encouraged him to save and buy vINTAGE cARS which includes a Mercedes SSK and a 1987 BMW E 30. He uses his initiative to remodel and transform these ‘old cars’ into a creative work of art.
“Collecting Classic cars is my whole life, my sole recreation” he says. “It is the most relaxing pastime for me. When it's not cars, it's fishing. I like antique stuff.  I watch a lot of motor racing; it’s like when you drive them out on the streets and you get that WOW! WOW! Reaction and response from the average passerby, pedestrian or motorist.”
Shane then went to to further explain his love, “It gives a motivation for me to continue to be in that romantic relation with such classical show piece. These cars are usually at cars shows, people use them for taking photographs, others utilise the ambiance for the bride to travel in fine style. It is also used at times to generate some kind of revenue. However, for the most part, I love the vintage and the kind of charm it brings with it, which would calm the raging beast in car enthusiasts.” 

Personal philosophy

But what is the philosophy of Shane Angus?  “To pursue that which makes me happy,” replies Angus. “When people see the masterpiece of an old jalopy transformed into a first-class marvel, tongues keep wagging, eyes get sharpened, and brains start ticking.” 
Robert Benoist, a great French Grand Prix driver of the 1920s and 1930s once said, “The stability of a car depends on the personal stability of the driver.” Though Benoist referred to emotional as well as physical balance, his implication is that if the driver is not under control the automobile most likely will not be either. Shane Angus is a stable driver  who  along with his admiration for vintage is an ambassador for defensive driving.
“The first step in driver control or stability is proper seating position.” says Shane. “Unless a person is sitting alert and comfortable behind the wheel, he is handicapping himself from the start.” With all the excitement surrounding these vehicles, Shane is of the view that a driver should fit his car. “When a person slides behind the wheel, his arms should be slightly bent, naturally falling on the rim in a “10-to-two” position.” Even with classic cars, he believes that safe driving practices must be sustained, thus saving lives, time and hard earned cash.