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Gordon Lloyd Chuck - 'Working hard all his life'

Published:Thursday | March 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMBy Paul G. Messam

Gordon Lloyd Chuck never shies away from hard work. He embraces the sentiments of John Addington Symonds Writer, who says, "We ought really to think more of our work and of what comes next to our hands to do day after day than of our affections and the proportion in which they are distributed." With his eyes fixed on funeral directing and embalmment, he tools across the city with the glitter of a rock star and the zeal of a superman. "I grew up with a lot of cars," says Chuck.

"The Sam Issacs Funeral family business has been my life over the years," he adds. "This road was already paved for me." "It's about being there for family, being there to help in time of need, especially when grieving, and helping the family through the process."

The 19th-century American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson says: "Sorrow makes us all children again - destroys all differences of intellect. The wisest knows nothing." The sting of death not only pains, but numbs most survivors - husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, or friend.

Chuck supports the view of writer Norman Rockwell, which speaks of family and carries the message:

A family is a gift of love and warmth and caring

It is a witness to life's most precious memories.

A family is laughing freely, crying openly

And making memories to cherish, living, playing, dreaming.

A family is a place every heart calls home.

Chuck is of the view that understanding people starts with oneself and being empathetic. Through empathy, one achieves insight into the minds and hearts of others. It is an act of the heart because it demands one's compassion for the human situation. "Being in this business demands from me both sensitivity of reaction and philosophical detachments."

His philosophy surrounds hard work. "Work and work until you achieve success and until you get what you want," he says.

Chuck was born in the city of Kingston. He is a humble graduate of Vaz Preparatory School and St George's College. He has been working from school days up to this point. "I work all week, seven days per week, and during my free time on weekends, I am working with and on my cars. At Sam Issacs Funeral home, there are a lot of hearses at the location. Cars are all around me, and, in fact, I like to get my hands dirty."


Car enthusiast


This car enthusiast, who owns a yellow Corvette, has been a member of the Classic car club for the past four years. This car is fast and furious. "This car has a lot of power - brute force. in fact, it is a very aggressive car. it does not take much effort to be fired up and ready to go," says Chuck. He drives this special little baby especially on weekends.

He has big plans for 2017. What are his plans? Chuck plans to get more out of this powerful car. He has remodelled the entire interior, with new carpet, new wheels, new fuel cylinder. He got it black but has changed that shade to a bright yellow, "making it a little more attractive to the eyes".

This car is fortunate to have been graced with new parts and accessories. Baby Corvette currently has a low-speed gear box, steel clutch, and a large carburettor. The whole fuel-injection system has been changed and modified.

The cam has been upgraded. However, I plan to further upgrade it so it can achieve its full potential. A turbo kit is a must for the further upgrading," says Chuck.

Chuck reminds us that like most things that require genuine skill, no short cuts to success exist. With this powerful car, one has to have a healthy respect for the other motorists while driving and controlling it efficiently and safely.