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Kyle Reynolds - The dirt bike expert

Published:Sunday | March 19, 2017 | 12:02 AMPaul Messam

Kyle Reynolds is a brave man point blank. Rarely do you find someone who consistently rides his dirt bike to places persons won't even traverse. He fears no height or, depth, or length, or task. Once his motorcycle is involved, he is up for the challenge. Of course, an adventurous lifestyle like this comes with a lot of stories to tell. In fact, he confirms that he has always wanted to do something in the biking field.

"I was in the Blue Mountains earlier with my friends, trying to discover trails we have not been before," says Reynolds. "That was an awesome experience."

Reynolds is of the view that the main purpose of life is to live, think, and act right. "Just to live life and live every day as if it's your last." This is a philosophy that embraces the view of writer Anita Block, which states: "The richness of our own lives depends on how closely we identify with ourselves with the struggles and problems of the age in which we live."

Born in Kingston, Reynolds attended Queens Preparatory school in St Andrew before moving on to St George's College. He is particularly fond of the adventure that goes with the rough terrain, the dust, the hills and valleys, and the speed and sound of the motor.




He loves his motorcycle, which is near and dear to his heart. The bike he presently rides is a 2012 KTM 250 XC which is a brand out of Austria. It is built with the serious off-road features which makes it very efficient and quick as a flash.

"It is light and very easy to handle," Reynolds points out. "We tend to ride on what is colloquially called 'donkey tracks' and 'walk foot' track. With this kind of adventure, the dirt riding demands that one has to be healthy and fit and maintain total concentration while in full motion."

Reynolds believes that one of the most important factors in life as a whole is the power of concentration. This is the ability to direct one's whole energy towards the fulfillment of a particular task.

Reynolds points out that two-wheeled motorcycles are used by thousands of persons for different purposes such as recreational vehicles by commuters, racers, and by city police officers. Motorcycles are usually classified according to the specific function for which they are designed and built. "In racing, they are also classified according to engine size," says Reynolds.

According to him, a dirt bike is equipped with special rubber-cleated tyres and is used primarily for cross country and dirt-track racing. His motor bike is a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine mounted within a frame between the wheels. However, Reynolds sits in a seat just ahead of the rear wheel and places his feet on rests at either side of the bike. This position is crucial as he often manoeuvres the bike by shifting his weight in addition to turning the handle bars.

Reynolds, in his adventures, believes in taking no chances, so he ensures that he wears the correct protective clothing. These include gloves, a heavy long-sleeve jacket, thick trousers, boots, eye protection, and a safety helmet.