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Honda CRV - The Space king

Published:Friday | March 24, 2017 | 12:00 AMKareem Latouche
2017 Honda CR-V
2017 Honda CR-V interior


I must admit at first, I was a bit sceptical about the fifth-generation CRV's design, especially the view of the back panel when viewed from the side . The rear-glass panel seemed uncomfortably paired with the design of the trunk. I can't say that my perspective has drastically changed. Maybe it will grow on me like an acquired taste.

To be fair to the CRV's line, ever since its premiere in 1996, it has been a hit with customers where design is concerned.

The drive The vehicle relies heavily on its all-wheel-drive technology to determine how the drive train should operate. There are no options to lock the rear differential or switch to 4WD. This means, the vehicle is left to figure out how to distribute power to the wheels. Which is done based on acceleration, wheelspin, throttle position, and steering-wheel angle.

At first I was a bit concerned with this set up, however, the vehicle was very intuitive with the distribution of power. While driving to Irish Town, we encountered some steep hills which it was able to maneuver quite easily. A function like this is very welcoming for persons who aren't engaging drivers.

As it pertains to the acceleration, the vehicle feels responsive especially when compared to other competitors with CVT transmissions. For the two hours I was driving, it kept adapting to my driving patterns. Whenever I pressed the accelerator rapidly it would hold the gear longer as oppose to when I gradually pressed it.

Suspension - There is no illusion to the fact, the vehicle feels well built. There is a mechanical continuity between the steering, chassis and suspension that is going to give the driver a sense of confidence. It comfortably drove over some rugged terrain without hesitancy.

Infotainment system - the layout on the screen is simplistic and logical with a very fast learning curve. Everything feels intuitive and is categorised in a sensible manner. For example, if you want to find the radio, just click on the media folder and the various relatable options will appear.

An area I hope Honda will look at with its next generation is the integration factor. For instance, the bluetooth functionality when paired with a phone is very limited. There is the option to record up to 20 voice commands, however, beyond that you will have to use your phone to search for numbers you want to call.


What I like


l Huge cargo space that is easily accessible

l Acceleration adjusts to your driving style

l Very comfortable ride

l Connectivity hub with charging ports for phones as well as a HDMI connector




l No panoramic sunroof

l The A pillar can be obtrusive, especially when taking corners


Who mainly purchases a vehicle like this?


"Young Professionals, family oriented person with a high need for recreational purposes for their family. Persons looking to start a family and need the utility aspect of CR-V to fit their current lifestyle." said Vasil Lee, sales controller, ATL Automotive group.




- Year: 2017

- Type: compact crossover

- cost of test model: $6.8 mil @ $59k Monthly

- engine size: 2L

- hp:154

- Transmission: 5 Speed Automatic

- Type of suspension: MacPherson Strut Front Suspension & Multilink Rear Suspension