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Hyundai showcases its power

Published:Sunday | June 11, 2017 | 12:00 AMKareem Latouche
From left : Cesar HJ, general manager for CV Latin America and Caribbean, and Andrew Channer, fleet and commercial sales, Magna Motors.
Visitors from Jamaica at Hyundai's Truck and Bus Mega Fair at Kintex - from left: Edward Muir, regional operations manager, National Solid Waste Management Authority; Kareem LaTouche, The Gleaner's automotive coordinator; Andrew Channer, fleet and commercial sales, Magna Motors; Charles Heholt, LPG operations and transport manger; and Vinay Walia, group managing director, Guardsman Group Limited.
Being the world's fourth largest manufactures of vehicles, behind VW, Toyota, and GM, Hyundai believes its heavy-duty trucks will be over populating the region real soon.
Magna Motors will be bringing this H350 called the 'Limousine' to Jamaica within months. It's an executive type mini bus with leather interior and reclining seats that have foot rests.
Hyundai Universe bus will soon be on Jamaican roads as Magna Motors believes its premium touch will be a hit with passengers.
Hyundai HD 78 which is used by many local companies.

Magna Motors, the Jamaican dealers for Hyundai, recently extended an invitation to Hyundai's Truck and Bus Mega Fair, held in Kintex, South Korea, to The Gleaner. A six-member team including media, a Magna Motors representative, as well as business clients witnessed the magnitude of Hyundai's automobile strength at Kintex Exhibition Center, a 90,000 square-metre facility. "The aim behind taking and exposing our clients to Hyundai is to give them a deeper understanding of the brand by showing our support, structure, and commitment to providing a quality product," said Andrew Channer, representing fleet and commercial sales at Magna Motors.

With a revamped marketing strategy since the mid-2000s, the brand has been able to grow in the Western Hemisphere's auto industry, especially in the car and SUV markets.


Commercial vehicles


The next logical move for Hyundai is to figure out how to gain the same confidence with its commercial vehicles (CV), which range from passenger vehicles to industrial ones. "Hyundai has the widest range of commercial vehicles you can find. We carry trucks from 1.5 tonnes to as large as 70-tonne buses, crane trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, and cement mixers. We even carry bare chassis for those who have a body already and just want the platform for mobility," added Channer.

Cesar HJ, general manager for Hyundai CV Latin America and Caribbean disclosed some of Hyundai's plans to penetrate the local market, "In the Caribbean, we are launching many products this year, such as the Hyundai Mighty, which is a heavy-duty truck and our mini bus, the H350. These are vehicles we believe will do tremendously well in the Jamaican market."

Currently, the company has local clients such as Guardsman Group of Companies and IGL Limited, who use the HD78 model for distribution services.

"Due to the range of commercial vehicles we carry, Hyundai provides trucks to almost all industries, from the small contractors to the larger manufacturers," emphasised Channer.


Everything was on display


The expo was held over four days and Hyundai used the opportunity to give invitees an in-depth view of its many vehicles as well as the opportunity to test drive heavy-duty trucks.

Attendants also got to see the various methods used to ensure that vehicles are safe and reliable. This demonstration was key, especially to the Jamaicans, who were all interested in the ride quality, durability, and availability of parts.

"Hyundai has reinforced the suspension with durable parts to make very strong trucks. We ensure that we build strong trucks and we stress to our customers that the drivers must operate them properly to get the most out of them," stated Channer.

Cesar HJ also addressed the issue by stating: "We design our CV trucks for challenging road conditions. So far, we have got good feedback from other countries that have similar road conditions such as Peru and Colombia."


Magna to carry Hyundai higher


Since taking over the Hyundai dealership in July 2015, Magna Motors has been steadily adding to the brand's image and reputation. This was evident with the development of its showroom on Old Hope Road.

"As you know, in Kingston, space is limited and we wanted to put ourselves where our customers and potential customers can easily get to us. We started sales operations at our service department at Balmoral Avenue, but we had to provide an additional area to showcase our models so we expanded. Even though the location is OK, we are still looking at ways to improve. Our vision is to have everything under the same roof sales, parts, and service, providing a modern, premium experience for our clients," said Channer.