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Audi Q7 S-line full-size premium SUV

Published:Friday | August 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Audi in past decades, has managed to reinvent itself and catch other automakers off guard with its fresh styling and innovative engineering. One of their current offerings from their full-size premium SUV line is the Audi Q7 S-line.

On the outside, the Q7 is as sleek as it is big. Its front showcases slim innovative LED headlights smartly positioned beside its huge three-dimensional grill, boldly displaying the four rings of Audi. The styling is balanced with its slim tail lights complementing other components, proportionate to the rest of the body and its huge 20-inch multi-spoke wheels.

S-line badges are placed around the outer body, differentiating it from other models, displaying its pedigree.

Upon entering the Audi, one the first noticeable things is its wrap-around interior space which is different from other SUVs. From the front doors to the dashboard, when in either of the front seats, the interior feels like it is hugging you. This gives a sense of comfort and perceived support before even starting the vehicle.

The interior is mixed with wood, leather, brushed aluminum, and a suede-like Alcantara fabric adding to the sporty feel of the S-line model. The retractable 8.3-inch colour display screen shows the barrage of options available to the driver and disappears when required, giving more visibility to the driver if necessary.

The sports-oriented front seats which bare the embossed S-line insignia, are noticeably firm, giving support to those who plan to drive the Q7 at a more aggressive pace. The gorgeous flat-bottomed leather steering wheel lets you know performance is an option if required by the driver and completes the look of its attractive interior.

Behind the wheel is Audi's virtual cockpit, a customisable 12.3-inch colour LCD display, virtually displaying the speedometer, tachometer and other information in high resolution.

Driving the Q7 is no less gratifying than sitting in it. The ride is very comfortable thanks to its adjustable air suspension. In the normal cruising mode or dynamic mode, the ride is smooth and without surprises as the suspension easily dampens the road's imperfections. When in sport mode, the Audi launches off the line rapidly and runs through its eight gears smoothly and without hesitation.

In this mode, the suspension lowers, and is a little stiffer to give better control when driving more aggressively. With its linear power band, it doesn't deliver its power like other turbo diesel engines, which tend to have erratic boost spikes under acceleration. It is smooth and very predictable, with all its components working in harmony.

Starting and stopping once in traffic is made easier with its automatic hand brake feature engaged. With this feature, one does not have to worry about covering the brake to avoid running into the rear of another vehicle in traffic.

The Audi Q7 S-line is a well rounded full-sized SUV. With its attractive and well thought out design, it doesn't look odd or oversized, and is definitely one of the better looking vehicles in its class. Its engine, drive train and suspension work well together, finding balance, keeping the driver and passengers in the comfort and luxury Audi has expertly provided.

Model tested: 2017 Audi Q7 S-line

Size Class: Premium Full Sized SUV

Drivetrain: 8 Speed automatic 4WD

Engine Info: Turbo Charged 3.0 litre Diesel

Power Output: 272ps torque 600nm (Claimed)

Price as Tested :$16,500,000

Fuel Consumption: 47.9 mpg combined (claimed)

Available at: ATL Motors 1C-3 Oxford Road, Kingston 5 ,Jamaica. Tel: 1-888 ATL SERV (1-888-285-7378).