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1958 Ford Zodiac

Published:Sunday | September 24, 2017 | 12:06 AMLatara Boodie

​Classic cars are roving antiques that not only turn heads, but also tug on the heartstrings of those familiar with their era. The Ford Zodiac is one of those gems which highlight the luxury and technological advancements between the 1950s and 1970s. Manufactured by Ford of Britain during the post-war, the Zodiac was a pilot for the era of big cars. This executive saloon possesses a 2.5L straight-six engine which has a top speed of around 100 mph and can go from 0-60mph in 17.1 seconds. The Zodiac’s fuel consumption is approximately 21.5 miles per gallon.    


Fact Sheet:

What body style?

4 door sedan/saloon with 4/5 seats


How long?

180.6 in

How heavy?

1,288 kg


What size engine?

2.6 litre, 2553 cm3


How many cylinders?

six, straight


How much power?

111 PS / 109 bhp / 81 kW @ 4750 rpm


How much torque?

190 Nm / 140 / 19.4 kgm @ 2000 rpm


How fast?

161 km/h, 100 mph


Owner Simeon Alexander is an auto-enthusiast who revels in the mechanics of motor vehicles. This seasoned vintage car collector’s love for motor vehicles began by observing his father’s number one passion - cars. “My father was an auto technician who dealt with the electrical parts of the motor vehicle,” said Alexander. “He owned a Ford which was specially designed to have all the controls including the clutch and break around the steering wheel. I presently put hand controls on cars for persons with disabilities. 

“This is my second classic car (out of six). The novelty of restoring the first car died off so I decided to get another classic car,” explained Alexander. “I looked all over, and one day I was driving off Constant Spring Road and saw the car. I enquired about buying the car from the previous owner, George Bond. He said no he wanted to fix it up,” said Alexander. For the next six months Alexander stopped by the house every two weeks trying to convince George to sell the car. One day he stopped by the house and saw only George’s wife. “I asked about George and she said George is fine in heaven, and told her that I must get the car,” said Alexander.

“My wife was not intrigued by this. I finished with one and gone into another one again,” laughed Alexander. The restoration process for the Zodiac took around two years and became his personal project.

Personal project

“I did all the mechanical work myself and then left it at the shop to get the body work done,” explained Alexander. “Whenever I get any classics I change the colour,” he said as he explained the colour transition of the Zodiac from pink to blue. “My mother was a seamstress and she taught me, so I was able to do the entire upholstering myself,” he said as he beamed with pride about his own craftsmanship. Additional changes to the car included the installation of seatbelts, changing the front seats from a one seater to two, a temperature gauge and an oil gauge. “It took that long because I only work on it on the weekends or holidays,” explained Alexander. The greatest challenge which came from restoring the Ford Zodiac was the body man. “People don’t really care about classics. They only see them as old cars and have no respect for them,” said Alexander.

When asked if he had any intention of selling the Zodiac, Alexander aid, “Sure, 50 years from now I will sell it.”