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ICWI rewards Road Angel rewarded for 40 years of loyalty

Published:Sunday | October 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Insurance Company of the West Indies (ICWI) Road Angel Daphne Clayton is the picture of happiness as she receives her year of free insurance from the organisation’s chairman, Dennis Lalor, at a presentation ceremony earlier this month. Clayton was being recognised for her loyalty to ICWI for over 40 years. The retiree has been on the ICWI Road Angel Policy, which rewards safety-conscious drivers for 35 years.

When Daphne Clayton insured her first car at the Insurance Company of the West Indies (ICWI) over 40 years ago, she was unaware that she was about to enter into a lifetime relationship with the company that would result in her being awarded a year of free insurance. Clayton was awarded by Chairman of ICWI, Dennis Lalor, on Wednesday,

October 4, at the company's head office in Kingston.

Under the ICWI Road Angel Vehicle Insurance Policy, which is aimed at rewarding safety-conscious female drivers, Clayton has been a Road Angel for over 35 years.

Having insured five vehicles at ICWI over the past 40 years, she expressed delight at being recognised for her years of loyalty to the insurance company.

"When I first signed up for insurance, all the agents then thought I wasn't the legal age to own a car because of how young I looked, so I feel really good to still be doing business with them, and to get recognised by them in this manner makes me feel really good," said Clayton.

Touting herself as a safe driver who has been liability free for over 40 years, the retiree said that she continued to do business with ICWI because of the consistently good service she received.

"You hear a lot of things on the ground about how insurance can get difficult, but you only hear good things about ICWI I have continuously experienced service that is above satisfactory," said Clayton.

According to Lalor, he was happy to have presented a year of free insurance to Clayton as the company has thrived because of loyal clients like her.

"When I heard it was over 40 years, I was really happy to have the opportunity to meet someone who has supported us for so many years. It shows me we are doing something right!" he exclaimed.

Lalor said that the company conceptualised the Road Angel Policy nearly 50 years ago based on the statistics that pointed to women being at superior risk compared to men.

"We devised this policy to reward women who were accident-free and, overall, safe and responsible drivers, and every year, more and more of our female clients qualify because of the various benefits to the policy," he added.

The popular Road Angel Policy has several benefits which include free uninsured motorist coverage, discounts on premiums, and free accident forgiveness.