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RUBiS partners with Mercedes to drive around Jamaica on less than a tank of fuel

Published:Thursday | January 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Driver Timothy Stewart goes over his check list ahead of his traverse across Jamaica with the challenge to finish the journey using just one tank of gas. Stewart’s testing of the power of the Ultra Tec ULSD was a part of the launch of the 'More Miles per Gallon, Drive Around Jamaica' campaign earlier this month.
RUBiS Energy Jamaica Chief Executive Officer Alain Carreau and driver Timothy Stewart have a discussion prior to Stewart taking on the challenge to drive around Jamaica on one tank of Ultra Tec ULSD. Stewart, who travelled to all 14 parishes, finished his journey with more than half a tank of fuel remaining at the end of his sojourn.

Kingston, Jamaica:

In the current economic environment, consumers are seeking to get more value for their dollar. RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited has partnered with Mercedes-Benz Jamaica to launch the 'More Miles per Gallon, Drive Around Jamaica' challenge to highlight the superior quality of its advanced fuel product, Ultra Tec Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD).

The educational campaign involved driver Timothy Stewart setting out in the 2018 Mercedes GLE 250D with one tank of Ultra Tec ULSD to traverse the entire country.

The vehicle of choice for Stewart's trip was recently on display for customer viewing at two RUBiS service stations Gore Terrace on Thursday, December 14, and Upper Waterloo Road on Friday, December 15.

His journey started in Kingston, from where he went to St Thomas, Portland,

St Mary, traversed the North Coast Highway and spent the night in Montego Bay. The following morning, he made his way to Kingston via Hanover, Westmoreland and the adjoining communities along the south coast.

Stewart covered 387 miles in his trek across Jamaica with the fuel consumption from the drive recording at 41.5 miles per gallon of Ultra Tec ULSD. This translates to 6.81 litres per 100 kilometres.

"RUBiS Ultra Tec ULSD stood up to the challenge because it is a huge feat to travel across all corners of Jamaica after starting with a full tank of fuel to finish with more than half tank," declared Stewart. "It shows the efficiency about the Ultra Tec ULSD that RUBiS promises is more than just talk, it is what you get," he added.

During his journey to demonstrate the power of Ultra Tec ULSD, Stewart made several stops in RUBiS convenience stores in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril to enjoy drinks and snacks.

According to RUBiS Retail Manager Raymond Samuels, the Ultra Tec ULSD is ideally suited to undertake such a challenge on a tank of fuel. "Vehicles that use Ultra Tec ULSD are guaranteed lower operating cost on account of lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs," revealed Samuels.




Samuels added that Ultra Tec ULSD customers boast better fuel economy and better fuel efficiency, which impacts the economy positively. "Wide-scale availability of RUBiS Ultra Tec ULSD has reduced, and will continue to reduce, the national fuel import bill thereby improving the country's balance of payments," Samuel explained.

He pointed out that European countries, in particular, have introduced more ULSD-fuelled vehicles because this allows for the application of advanced emissions control technologies that substantially lower the harmful emissions from diesel combustion.

"RUBiS Ultra Tec ULSD is better for the environment because of the reduced fuel emissions, which in the long run helps to curb the impact of global warming and acid rain," said Samuels, in reflecting on the ecological benefits of the premium fuel.

Ultra-Tec fuel is specifically formulated to clean the engine's valves and combustion chamber by removing deposits. This means car engines can deliver optimum performance and maximum fuel economy for a vehicle to drive better, cleaner, longer and save consumers money.

Of the over 50 service stations islandwide, at least 30 RUBiS service stations offer Ultra Tec ULSD. The company plans to increase the number of service stations that provide the Ultra Tec ULSD to consumers in 2018 as they continue their strategy to offer the best value at the best price.