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Auto Profile | Judith Denton

Published:Sunday | March 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Judith Denton in a Ford Model N that is in storage at KIG.

Judith Denton:  Sales and marketing manager, Kingston Industrial Garage

Current vehicle: Subaru Legacy'

What is your favorite destination to drive to in Jamaica and why?

I like driving on the North-South Highway because it is clean, open, and diverse. I especially love coming to the end of it and having that first view of the sea - and it takes me home.

What was the first vehicle you owned, and what type of trouble was it known to give?

It was a Daihatsu Cuore and it was a gem! No trouble at all. It would fit in parking spaces that no other car could, but best of all, it would chug through on flooded roadways where larger vehicles had stalled, and get me home no matter what.

For a non-conventional racing event, which one of the following would draw the bigger crowd, and why: donkey or handcart racing?

There would be a greater dynamic in handcart racing, which would pull a bigger crowd. How each handcart is built and accessorised or 'set-up' by the owners, the personality of the drivers and the possibility of breakaways, spills, and thrills, for example, bring substantially more to the race experience, because at the end of the day, all those spectators want to be entertained!

In the next 10 years, which one of these activities has the highest possibility of doing it and why: skydiving, ice skiing, 100 feet roller-coaster?

The roller-coaster and skydiving are out! Ice skating or downhill skiing is the only possibility here. High on my non-hypothetical 'to do' list, however, is kiteboarding.

What are two songs on your current playlist that you have to play each day when you're in your car and why?

I like quiet time when driving for the most part ... . I use the time to centre my thoughts, plan next steps, and especially, give thanks for every blessing. So I might listen to something that is very 'zen' or spiritual like Breathe by Michael W. Smith or Here I am to Worship, Hillsong.

What is one of the most challenging Jamaican routes for you and why?

Despite years of driving, I still feel a moment of anxiety when approaching Flat Bridge. Apart from that, I'm good. I actually like driving on the Junction road to St Mary.

What future technology are you eager to see implemented in vehicles?

I would like to be able to 'helicopter' out of traffic sometimes ... . But seriously, I would like to see a sustainable, feasible alternative to fossil fuels in widespread use.