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Auto Profile | Garth Walker

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Garth Walker, managing director, BATV.


What is your favourite destination to drive to in Jamaica, and why?


"I like driving to Negril via the north coast route. The scenery is lovely, especially along the coast on the Montego Bay leg. It's very relaxing."


What was the first vehicle you owned?


"I had a 1972 yellow Volkswagen at 18 that was handed down from my sister. I knew I was going to get it, so I saved real hard and bought this really expensive sound system for it. I am almost certain it was more expensive than the car. I really enjoyed driving that vehicle. One thing, though: It burned a lot of gas. Or maybe it was the fact that I never had a lot of money at that time."


Which two friends would you choose to race on a track, and what would be the outcome?


"Curtis Watson and Rodger Brown. I think I would win. Both of them are better drivers than I am, and they would underestimate my abilities, so the element of surprise would work in my favour."


In the next 10 years, are you most likely to go skydiving, go skiing, or ride a 100-foot roller coaster?


"I am very skeptical about all of those options, but I have always wanted to have a snow-themed vacation, so skiing seems very possible."

Which two songs do you have to play each day when you're in your car, and why?

"I am a big Bounty Killer fan, so I am always playing songs from his catalogue. If I had to choose one as my favourite, It would have to be Poor People Fed Up. The other artiste I like to listen to is Chronixx, and right now, he has a song called Skankin Sweet that is really nice.


When you are driving from Kingston to St Ann, do you prefer the highway, or the traditional route, and why?

"Highway, definitely. In this day and age where productivity is crucial, it provides a way for a much shorter distance to your destination. We are talking 45 minutes from Kingston to Ocho Rios. With the traditional route, you have to factor in some

narrow roads or driving behind a slow-moving truck. I mean, I loved it when I was a child, but times have changed."


What is one of the most challenging Jamaican routes for you, and why?


"Junction, St Mary. It is very narrow and winding.You have to be very alert and skilled to manoeuvre through it properly."

What future technology are you eager to see implemented in vehicles?

"I would love to see Wi-Fi as a standard feature in every vehicle one day. Connectivity is important for everyone, and sometimes data connectivity is too slow for the task you are trying to get done. I think Wi-Fi could easily solve this problem."