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Motor activities shine at DaCosta Farm and Attraction

Published:Sunday | May 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM

The 250-acre DaCosta Farm has come a far way from its origin as a fish farm, to it now being a must-go-to attraction for persons living in and around Kingston.

"We started first as a fish farm, where we would export fish to Europe, until we lost the contract because we were unable to compete with bigger businesses," said Dave DaCosta, owner of DaCosta Farm and Attraction.

Not one to give up easily, DaCosta kept thinking of ways to transform the farm, as well as keeping his existing staff employed. "I had so many staff, I couldn't see myself just sending them home, so I came up with the idea of having persons come here to fish. From there we branched out into other things, little by little."

The farm can be found on the out skirts of St. Catherine, in a rural community that runs parallel to the T1 toll road. In fact, it probably takes about 25 minutes to get there, if you are driving from the heart of Kingston. Once you are at Ferry, simply take the first toll road on your left, then look for the first exit. After that, follow the directions of the DaCosta Farm signs for about five minutes.

"It is a lovely place for the family to visit, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. A lot of person usually come in anytime after 12 noon," DaCosta said.

The adventure park, which has been in existence since 2016, has now expanded its activities to include off-road options such as trail bike and dune bug riding. "The bike trail is a favourite for fathers and their sons. It's interesting because now I am seeing mothers participating with their kids. Ultimately I want them to know that it is all about having fun."

The terrain for the bike trail is very interesting with a lot of hills, valleys and corners. All of this require your total attention and some form of agility to manoeuvre the bike on the dusty surface.

Access to the track costs $1000 and persons can use it for the entire day once they have their own bikes. There is also the option of renting a bike for $2000, which allows you access to the track for two hours. In addition, they will provide participants with the relevant safety equipment that come with the various Honda and Kawasaki trail bikes that range from 50 to 125 cc.

While persons are expending their energy racing around the track, food can be ordered from the bar and delivered to them. A good option is to ask the bartender to carry an igloo and place it under the kiosk overlooking the terrain.

For those who prefer to play it safer, they can choose to ride a four-wheel ATV on the track or go to the other side of the property to access the Dune bug track. The 150 cc dune bugs are very nippy, with some that can go up to 60 mph. The suspensions, along with the padded seats make the ride very comfortable. However, keep in mind that it has a manual steering, which means that at slow speeds, it will be hard to turn.

Overall, the experience if very memorable and it's a great group activity for families and companies who want to have fun, while being competitive.

What to carry: Dust mask or kerchief for the track

Who is it for: Groups of four persons or larger will definitely enjoy these activities

Be mindful of: The sun can take a toll on the body so wear a hat and carry water

What to try: Order the fry fish or the slider burger

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