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Charging gadgets for your vehicle

Published:Friday | May 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Many new vehicles are being built with many of convenient features like steering-mounted controls or wireless charging that make driving an enjoyable experience. However, not all of us can afford new vehicles, so we have to make do with the ones we have and find accessories to accentuate them.


Power Cup Phone Charger & Holder


The first one is a power cup phone charger and holder, made by Radio Shack. It is design to look like a typical insulated mug that most persons carry coffee in. The design is strategic as it is intended to fit in the average centre console cup holder of any vehicle.

Once it is in the prescribed position, there is a DC connector that has to be plugged into the vehicle's cigarette lighter. A good thing is that the chord is more than long enough to do this, and the DC port is built in a way that it won't fall out of place.

After this has been done, there are multiple outlets persons can use to get power. This becomes ideal for persons with big families that have multiple smartphone users. There are two USB charging ports which have a built-in smart charging feature that detects the USB device current and then provides it with the adequate charge to ensure that it does not destroy the device's battery.

Beside the two USB ports is a micro USB cable, which is intended to charge a cell phone. There are also two grooves at the top of the cup, where the user can rest his cell phone firmly while it charges.

- RadioShack's Power Cup Phone Charger & Holder - $1,862.83


Power Outlet Inverter


The other device is a power outlet inverter, which can give AC power of 150 Watt, which suggests that it is more fitting for serious nomadic workers. There are three grounded three-prong plugs that are ideal for laptops or any other small work-related appliances like a portable internet router.

This is a good device for persons who need to work from their vehicles and who are usually far from their office like a sales representative or someone working on a construction site.

The power the inverter provides is sufficient for a laptop, a small printer, or even a small TV. A good feature is that it will shut off if it recognises that your vehicle's battery is running low.

The sockets are laid out in a column form and at the end is a 2.1A USB port, which is sufficient to charge anything from a cell phone to a tablet. In addition, there is a built-in mechanism that protects from power overloads, shorts circuits, and other hazards.

With so many practical functionalities, it is good to know that it comes with a three-foot-long cable that allows the device to be placed in the second row of most vehicles. Just ensure that it is placed somewhere that is cool due to the fact that if the device temperature exceeds 167F, it will automatically shut off.

- RadioShack Power Outlet Inverter - $5,707.34

Items were provided courtesy of RadioShack, Mandeville and Montego Bay.

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