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Salute to 50 Exhilarating Zoom Zoom Years!

Published:Friday | May 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMKaren Naidoo
Peter Rae's token designed by Omish's jewellers in Toronto.
Peter Rae (right) receives token from Mr. Morgan Singh

Peter Rae's first leg of the CMRC 2018 was a nail-biting performance. Fans poured into the Jamwest Speedway's stadium for a glimpse of the epic start to the Zoom Zoom's retiring tour.

His fan base included a couple from Toronto, Norman and his wife, Nadia Singh, who wanted to honour the racing specialist for his years of service. They presented the retiring driver with a 12K gold pendant imprinted with the Jamwest logo.

The couple's nephew Omish, the owner of Omish's jewellers in Toronto, created the one-of-a kind piece for Rae. Nadia Singh said, "Our nephew is a gifted jeweller with an appreciation for motorsports."




Singh, who has followed Rae's career over the years, said, "It is amazing to be here to celebrate a man's dedication for the past 50 years." Singh, who owns his own auto-body shop in Toronto, continued, "Motorsport is a thrilling sport. It can be entertaining from both behind the wheel and in the grandstands." Singh will be travelling with his own team to Guyana for the final leg of the CMRC.

Ian Gordon, owner of Jamwest Motorsports & Adventure Park: echoed Singh's sentiments, "These drivers put their bodies and cars through a number of dangerous corners for both the love of the sport and to gain the attention of fans. Fifty years in the industry is no easy feat. Peter Rae's career is a standing testimony to the various developments of the sport over the years."