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IGL driver wins big

Published:Wednesday | June 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Devon Campbell, top prize winner at IGL's Health, Safety & Environment Road Safety Award Programme.

For many, road safety is just a catch phrase one that is posted on billboards, heard on the radio, and printed in the press but is easily ignored and forgotten.

However, for IGL's driving fleet, the term road safety is more akin to a mantra, a way of life. So much so that for the past six years, IGL has held its Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Road Safety Awards Ceremony as the culmination of the HS&E Road Safety Awards Programme, which incentivises safe-driving practises annually.

Devon Campbell, this year's big winner at the awards ceremony, has been in the profession since 1982, but it was only after joining IGL in 2006 that he saw such extensive dedication to both driver safety and journey-management control systems. "They (IGL) put in all the necessary safety measurements, safety gears, and other things to keep everyone safe on the job," Campbell explains. "I don't think they can do much more because they do everything possible to keep everyone safe on the road."

This fact was further highlighted by IGL's General Manager, Wayne Kirkpatrick, at the HS&E Awards Ceremony, recently. "For 2017, our team had a track record of zero loss time, no medical cases, and a significant reduction in first-aid cases. There is no doubt that our enviable reputation is a reflection of the company's safety principles, which are driven by its HS&E commitment," Kirkpatrick said. "Our island's development hinges on our ability to manoeuvre safely and effectively around each other, and a large part of that is just being conscious of that responsibility. That is why raising awareness is such an important aspect of this awards ceremony. It fosters a growing network of people who desire safer, healthier, roads, homes, and workplaces."

Dwight Campbell, HS&E manager at IGL and conceptualiser of the IGL HS&E awards programme, claims that it was just a matter of time before Devon won the big award. "Devon has been one of our better drivers for quite some time now, and it is always good to reward our best in this manner," Campbell said.

This year's victory was especially sweet for Campbell as it comes after several years of second-place finishes. "Every day, I give 100 per cent on the job, so I had it (the award) in mind. I feel great about it. Everybody a congratulate mi, too," he said with a laugh. Campbell's prizes, which included a weekend for two and a 32-inch flat screen TV, would be enough to motivate most people. However, there is a sense that both IGL and the drivers in their employ take pride in their collective dedication to keeping the road safe for all.

Campbell, with all his experience on the road, the last few as a bobtail truck driver, has some sage advice for all who venture out on what can be dangerous Jamaican roads. "Drive defensive on the roads," he said. To all the men and women who drive professionally he implores them to "work hard and get the job done same way".

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