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Off Road done differently

Published:Sunday | August 5, 2018 | 12:00 AMKareem Latouche
The Wilmotorsports Jeep was more than comfortable driving over the car shells.
A Jeep Wrangler fighting its way through the mud pit.
A Suzuki Samurai taking on the Hill Climb Challenge.
This Jeep Wrangler is being pulled from the mud pit.
A Land Rover Defender getting assistance to get out of the mud pit.
Troy Bernard (left) and Nigel Wilmot, organisers of the Off Road Done Differently challenge held at Brighton River, St Elizabeth.

There has been a growing off-road community, and Troy Bernard and Nigel Wilmot are two members who wanted to do something with a difference. Hence, the two decided to keep their Off Road Done Differently challenge at Brighton River, St Elizabeth, a community on the outskirts of Santa Cruz.

"Troy has a farm in the community, and we thought it would be a good idea to use what we have. Also, there are hardly any off-road shows in these parts of the country," revealed Wilmot.

Working with only a few pickup vans, the team brought varying obstacles to the event with the aim of making it a true challenge for participants. "The Ford F150 that Troy owns did a lot of the transportation where the rocks were concerned. Even the car shells were put in the back of the truck, plus, a lot of the locals assisted in getting these things to the property," said Wilmot.

In the end, their obstacle course consisted of challenges such as car crushing, rock crawling, tug of war, a mud challenge and a log challenge. "A lot of persons loved the log challenge because only two vehicles were able to successfully complete this. It was two Jeep Wranglers, and this was because they were modified and had special tyres. Plus, their high ground clearance was a big advantage," said Wilmot.

The family event was filled with excitement even in the recess periods as the children played in the nearby river while the adults enjoyed the food and refreshments on sale. For the final competition, as a show of true team spirit, the two Jeep Wranglers engaged in a tug-of-war competition to the delight of all.

"We had a very encouraging turnout out, given it is the first time we are keeping this event. Naturally, we are planning on doing another one soon, most likely in October. We are going to use the same venue, and with the help of more sponsors, we want to do something bigger," disclosed Wilmot.

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