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Taking their service to you - Superior Parts now offers delivery service as Hagley Park sees fewer customers

Published:Thursday | September 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMContribued
Derrick Johnson, owner of Superior Parts Ltd.

The multitude of road works that have been taking place over the past couple of months have taken a toll on many corporate businesses. Now members of the auto community on Hagley Park Rad have started to feel the pinch, especially with the heavy rains that fell last week.

“There was a lot of water everywhere, so many of our roads were impassable which meant many customers were unable to visit us. Even before the roadwork, it was a challenge when it rained because the water is coming from as far as Papine, so you know with this construction it is even worst,” lamented Derrick Johnson, managing director, Superior Parts limited.


There were also other challenges with his employees that have come into play due to the roadwork, which has forced some businessmen to adopt a more flexible management style. “I had workers who told me they left out from 6 a.m. and reached the office at 10 a.m. So I have to be improvising by developing a shift system of sorts, to accommodate those workers who live far,” stated Johnson.


Nonetheless, the businessman was also quick to highlight the need for the roadwork, however, he could not overlook the obstacles it has been causing. “This road should have been fixed for years now, especially the fact that there are so many auto dealers here, so on that hand I am very grateful for the project. But it has definitely taking a dent into our businesses, my profits have been down by at least 30%.”

With the Christmas season, which is a high sales period for the automotive community, fastly approaching, business owners will have to incorporate innovative strategies to improve sales.

“Right now I have increase my delivery team to ten persons and I have also incorporated a courier element. So now we are better able to deliver parts to persons whether big or small, I even got a point of sales system for those who prefer to pay by card.”

He has also incorporated the use of social media to address some of his challenges, “A few weeks ago, all the telephone lines were down in the area, so I know we lost a lot of business because our customers couldn’t contact us. Now I have to be getting more persons to be present on our social media and let customers know they can reach us through this means as well.”


Having operated his business in the vicinity for over 23 years, he believes that all the businesses will have to improvise to weather this storm. “It’s impractical to think that some of our customers are going to drive through these conditions to visit our establishments. We have to do a lot of reinventing.”


With all the road works fully underway, Johnson is aware there is no going back and as such is advocating for continued dialogue to make the task a smooth one. “I would love for the pr persons who are in charge of these projects to sit down with persons like myself, and my bredrens at Berts and Excel and talk about some feasible interim solutions. For example we could work out alternate routes using Google map to get to the various businesses, then publicise it in print and social media to better guide our customers. Many persons don’t know that they can use Keesing Avenue, Waltham and Bloomsbury Road to get to us.”


Even with all this done the businessman fears that a dip in sales will be inevitable for the Christmas period, however he believes the experience does not have to be a nightmare. “I really want us to have this new road and I have been encouraging my fellow businessmen to comply where necessary. If they say they want to build a new perimeter fence work with them, the sooner it is over the better we will all be.”


He is also mindful of his employees as he stated, “At the end of the day, none of us want to see a dip in our profits to the point where we have to let go workers especially in the Christmas season, when everyone is looking a little bonus to treat their families.”