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CDCR second staging was more than expected

Published:Thursday | December 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMKajamba Fitz-Henley

The increasingly popular Chill Drink Chat Ride (CDCR) auto event had its second staging recently, which had a perfect mix of party vibes and motorsport activities. According to one of its main organisers, Tavar Mighty, CDCR exceeded his expectations. "The second staging of Chill Drink Chat Ride was more than expected. The turnout was great and the vibe was right. Initially there were a few hiccups, but we (my team and I) were able to overcome them in a short time for the patrons to experience an event like never before."

The event took place in Bog Walk, St Catherine where patrons enjoyed themselves by either chilling in the river or taking a spin around the venue's reputable Rally track from as early as the event's opening at 11 a.m. "We used a river concept. The party took place on the river with wooden floating set up. The UTV excursions also went through different sections of the Tru-Juice River", Mighty shared, further explaining that the interesting venue granted patrons the ability to equally participate in all the activities offered. "We wanted all our patrons to feel involved, so if they preferred not to ride, but just party, that was there for them too. Those who loved the natural river, there was the option and the excursion. Every single patron benefitted from CDCR."

There was also plenty of food to go around with a diverse menu provided by The Burrito Shack (event sponsor), offering such delights like ackee and saltfish, saltfish and baked beans, callaloo, fritters, boiled foods, pastries, Hawaiian stewed chicken, curried chicken, stewed pork, pumpkin rice, tossed salad and mini festivals. The assortment of dishes signalled that the event was going to be an all day affair, which it was, ending at scheduled closing time of 8 p.m.



The actual 'riding' portion of the Chill Drink Chat Ride event was expectedly the biggest highlight of the day. Participants got to experience the exhilarating feeling of taking a UTV around the track. However, safety did come first: "We strictly endorse no drinking and riding at our event. It is in the best interest of our patrons that they do not drink before or while operating the UTVs. Riders (drivers) have to present a valid driver's licence before accessing the UTVs. Protective gears are also worn by the person operating the UTV, as well as the passenger." After all safety protocols were observed, the track was open for excited drivers (and passengers) to get behind the wheel and experience arguably the best part of CDCR. Some patrons even waited for a second turn around the track.

Bigger and better for 2019

Given the success of the first two events, we can only expect the CDCR crew to come with something even better for the coming year. First, Mighty made sure to thank all the sponsors for the 2018 CDCR event: "A big thank you to our sponsors - Tru-Juice, The Burrito Shack, Main Event Entertainment Group Ltd, Bush Trails Excursions Tours, Red Bull Jamaica, Life Span Spring Water, P & L Racing, NexTech Network Solutions, LiveFast Ja, Happy Ice, Dixon's Drug Store, I-Tek Shoppa, Soup King and Cable Pro." He also expressed thanks to CDCR patrons while surreptitiously hinting at great things for them to look forward to in the new year: "There are a lot of improvements for future events. We have already started pencilling ideas for 2019. All I can say is that CDCR 2019 is an event that you will have to come and experience for yourself."