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Make your car standout with a GQ Design - ...As Phillip Moulton waves his magic airbrush

Published:Sunday | August 25, 2019 | 12:00 AMVanessa James - Automotive Writer

Standing out from the crowd is often a goal for many car owners, especially those involved in car shows or car racing. By adding a few personalised details to the car, it is more memorable and noticeable by the public. The person to get this bit of creativity added to your vehicle is Phillip Moulton, operator of GQ Designs.

Moulton got into airbrush designing about five years ago and has become one of the household names for the service.

“I got into it through YouTube. I was watching some videos about this air brushing thing, and I said that I would get myself one,” Moulton said. “And from the time it got here, I started using it.”

He shared that he first airbrushed a merino before he started on cars. Surprisingly, though, Moulton says he has not had any art training, and that it was all just years of practice.

“When I was in high school, I didn’t go to art class or anything. It’s just from seeing the videos on YouTube that I decided I am going to try it,” he said. “But I normally do a little rough sketch because you know in school when school boring, you would get your pen or pencil and draw something.”

Moulton revealed, however, that his business is a seasonal one and is usually boosted for upcoming car-show events. He further said that he has one of the most affordable rates for the quality of work he provides based on the reviews from customers.

“The charges for the work I do vary based on design and colours that would be needed to complete a customer’s request. To state a price would be difficult as persons can come to get absolutely anything airbrushed, and as a result, the price will depend on what the customer chooses and the time it will take to do it,” Moulton said.

He further said that the time to do a job also varies, depending on the design and the location.

“I have started to do airbrushing faster than before because of years of practice. So on a regular basis, to do a complete engine base, it may take three days, but to do bonnets alone, it may take, like, a day or two,” he disclosed.

He also says that customers have the option of getting personalised designs, and if they are not sure of what they want, he can provide a colleague to come up with a concept.

Customer satisfaction is important to Moulton, so he usually has a discussion to ensure that his customers receive exactly what they desire.

Currently based in Brown’s Town, St Ann, Moulton can be reach through his Instagram page @gq_designs.