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Stewart’s Automotives hosts 2019 Jag test-driving experience

Published:Sunday | September 29, 2019 | 12:21 AMMickella Anderson - Automotive Writer

It was a mixture of food, fun, and fast cars.

In fine form, the Stewart’s Automotive group gave a handful of vehicle enthusiasts the opportunity to test-drive its 2019 Jaguar units on Sunday, September 22, at the Palisadoes Go Kart Track in Kingston.

Beginning just after noon, prospective customers were able to try out the Jaguar XE, the Jaguar E-Pace, and the Jaguar F-Pace cars. Nedita Gibson, sales manager for the group’s Jaguar Land Rover Division, was excited for the occasion, one the company hopes to execute twice per year.

“The Jaguar brand is a fun-loving model of cars, and we enjoy when our prospects and customers come by and interact with us at our events,” she said. “There’s healthy food, there’s drink, music, and good vibe, so it’s all about lifestyle and fun while you drive these luxurious Jaguar cars.”

In addition to the display vehicles, which included the $19-million Jaguar F-Type model, the venue was strategically laced with cones where customers could drive demo vehicles through and feel the car handling corners, its speed, and its sturdiness. There was also open track space where test drivers could also fully experience the fun and dynamics of the Jaguar.

Standout features

The models also included several standout features, which Gibson detailed. “The Jaguar E-Pace has park assist, which is very convenient for persons to use to find themselves parking, and that’s just exceptional,” she said.

She also mentioned the lane-keep assist feature, which can alert drivers when they are getting distracted and straying out of lane and gently return to the correct lane on its own.

For guest Dan Theoc, a self-described racing enthusiast, it was the car-like feel of the SUV models of the Jaguar that stood out about the models.

“They handle like cars,” Theoc told Automotives, referring to the Jaguar E Pace. “You would really think that it is a car that you’re driving. You’re going around the track, and it carries a lot of speed, and they handle the corner very well. I don’t think it gets a lot better than this.”

Family engagement

Children were not to be left out of the festivities. The event also featured a video game room, which, according to Gibson, was an essential inclusion to make the engagement one for the entire family.

“For the kids who come out, they can do the go-karting, but we have the video game, where they can feel a part of driving a car – only it’s virtual reality,” she said. “They can be in the cars to feel the test drive, but this, we feel, was very engaging for kids to have total engagement while the parents are taking a break and relaxing.”

Overall, the vibe maintained throughout the day was fitting for the luxurious cars being experienced, and the Stewart’s Automotive group is well aware of this.

The Jaguar XE starts at $11.2 million, while the Jaguar E-Pace starts at $12.5 million and the Jagaur F-Pace starts at $13 million. All models are available for selection from stock, or they may be ordered depending on preference.