Tue | Jan 22, 2019

Azan eyes fuel business

Published:Friday | August 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Gassan Azan, CEO of MegaMart. - File

The Rubis gas station at Waterloo Road, Kingston, has had a complete makeover and now the marketing company is seeking a dealer to run the operation.

Rubis Energy Jamaica said it has shortlisted several candidates, but declined to name them.

However, the Financial Gleaner has learned that businessman Gassan Azan is among the applicants. He confirmed his interest last week.

The gas station is in proximity to his MegaMart Waterloo store and, with the remodelling, shares an entry point to the supermarket.

Raymond Samuels, the retail manager at Rubis Jamaica, said the dealer selection has garnered strong interest.

"We got a lot of applicants and we have narrowed these down to a select few who we believe may be the best operators," he said.

Azan said the fuel station would offer his business the opportunity for diversification, but was also in line with retail business models abroad.

"It follows the Costco model in the (United) States. The big-box stores and fuel actually go hand in hand. The housewives tend to value savings on fuel. It is part of our strategy going forward," he said.

"We would be pegging the points to shopping with us, to whether you get the points at the pump."

Azan's business interests include his MegaMart chain of wholesale supermarkets, the Bashco haberdashery chain, and gaming operations.