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The Past Re-imagined - New bank to be established

Published:Saturday | September 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

With the economic fortunes of many members of the business community set to be affected by the abolition of slavery and the start of the emancipation era, an employee of a prominent establishment has his eyes set on bigger things.

Anthony Hyatt, a footman, is banking on opening up a financial institution with funds owed to him by managing director of the MD Plantation and Company.

Only weeks after laws aimed at putting in motion the Apprenticeship System took effect, the footman signalled to his employer that he plans to quit his job to establish a capital bank.

The footman served notice to his employer in a letter dated September 12, 1834, that he will quit his job in order to make a fresh start as a banker as he is convinced that such an institution is necessary in the post-slavery dispensation.

Anthony Hyatt told The Gleaner that he has requested the wages owed to him by his employer, which amounts to two years' salary, to be used as start-up funds.

Hyatt disclosed that he was entering into partnership with a fellow worker, both of whom would pool their resources to pump into their bank.

As a footman, Hyatt's job description entailed starting his day's activities at 6:30 a.m. to prepare his managing director for the day's activities. He would be expected to continue until 9:30 in the night when the managing director retires for the evening.