Tue | Sep 18, 2018

No egg shortage for Christmas

Published:Wednesday | November 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The Jamaica Egg Farmers Association (JEFA) says egg production is comfortably above the 11.5 million needed to satisfy local demand this Christmas and that the market is unlikely to face another shortage as happened last year.

"The projection is good and the consumer should be comfortable with their eggs for Christmas," JEFA President Roy Baker said.

"At 11.5 million eggs, we are usually okay and our projection is just about there or better," said Baker.

He also signalled that egg prices may increase, as is traditionally the case when demand spikes.

"We want to remove the perception that prices are usually adjusted because of Christmas. Usually, the price is not adjusted because of Christmas but because the demand is good. At Christmas, people take advantage of getting the price up and one has to understand that," said the JEFA president.

He said the cost of production has been running consistently running below the selling price, and periods of peak demand offers farmers the opportunity to go after revenue.

"Some farmers might be forced to move prices because we have been carrying, what I would refer to, as a serious deficit in cost of production against our selling price," he said.

However, "no substantial increase," is expected, he told Wednesday Business.

Baker also told the state-run news agency, JIS, that egg supplies next month may top 13 million eggs, and that overall supply for the year may reach 130 million eggs.