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Pepsi joins PET recycling project

Published:Monday | December 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The Recycling Partners of Jamaica's recycling facility at Trinity in Port Maria, St Mary. - Contributed

Pepsi Jamaica has opened a recycling facility in Trinity, Port Maria, St Mary. The facility, to be operated by Recycling Partners of Jamaica, will see the recycling of PET bottles, the disposal of which has been a source of concern because of their effect on the environment.

The depot can process 768,000 bottles per month and is one of three earmarked for opening locally, the other two to be in Martin's Hill, Manchester, and Lyndhurst Road in St Andrew. Collectors of the PET bottles who take them to the recycling facility will be paid on a weight basis and the product will then be shipped overseas for further processing.

"Pepsi, as a singular company, has made a contribution; we're putting in about $10 million. As it relates to the total partnership of the company, we're looking at about $25 million," said Pepsi's marketing manager Mitchell Watson.

"So far, over $70 million has been put in because the Government has contributed its percentage which is about $40 million," Watson disclosed.

Watson said the funds will be invested in the project annually. He said the project is an opportunity for people to earn an income.

"It gives the community wherever the depots are being set up, an opportunity of earning different from what previously obtained where people just took the bottles in. Now there's actually a payment structure in place. We're hoping it will mushroom to schools, local communities and the man on the street."

A successful project will see the recovery of 4,690 tonnes of PET material by the third year of operations. Over this period, it is expected that 3,000 persons will be employed to the project. It will also see a cleaner Jamaica with less PET waste being dumped in waterways and the interior of the island.