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Bank of Jamaica, National Commercial Bank websites hijacked

Published:Wednesday | January 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The website to which users of the Bank of Jamaica website - - were redirected.

Persons trying to access the Bank of Jamaica's (BOJ) website on Tuesday were redirected to the site of an entity identifying itself as Network Solutions.

Instead of central banking data, re-directed browsers to a site advertising hot women, Bible verses, a 90% clearance sale, hotels in Negril, Facebook and distance learning.

Information on the Network Solutions site indicates that the persons behind the website might be based in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Network Solutions site invites claimants of copyright infringement to send their notifications to a Jacksonville address via fax or email.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica's site was also down up to late in the evening.

BOJ information technology personnel said the central bank's data had not been compromised. And Senior Director of Public Relations Hillary Robinson said the problem appeared localised.

"Bank of Jamaica assures that all our systems are intact. From our checks, not all clients have the same experience when accessing our website. It is clear that the problem relates to the channel through which access is made. The BOJ is currently investigating the problem," the central bank said in an email.

In an informal survey by Wednesday Business, eight out of 10 persons called across Jamaica said they were either had problems accessing the site or were re-directed outright.

A person identifying himself as David at Network Solutions claimed that the company was the host of BOJ website and that its agreement with the central bank had expired. He said once BOJ pays up its arrears, the site would be released within three days. However, Robertson said they have no such relationship with Network Solutions. NCB also denied any relationship with Network Solutions and said its technical team was working to resolve the issue.

Asked whether BOJ's IT team would be reaching out to Network Solutions, Robertson said: "Yes that is part of the investigations".