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First Rubis Ultra Shop includes wine cellar

Published:Monday | March 9, 2015 | 11:03 PM

The new Rubis Ultra Shop opened at the gas station operated by Gassan Azan at Upper Waterloo Road is the first of several to be rolled out at other branded gas stations.

The investment is an extension of the existing franchise arrangement with Azan, with "much of the capital injection coming from Rubis," the marketing company said.

Rubis Energy Jamaica said the lion's share of the capital expenditure was spent on infrastructure and retrofitting the convenience store, but did not disclose the level of investment. The company said other locations have been identified for roll-out of stores in the coming months, but did not name them.

At Upper Waterloo, Rubis Jamaica said the product offering was "carefully crafted based on the profile of the shoppers", to include slush beverages, ice-coffee, exotic pastries and a wine cellar. Shoppers may also qualify for a discount on fuel purchase, if they spend above a specified limit.