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Hi-Pro adds new mix to feeds

Published:Wednesday | April 22, 2015 | 12:00 AMTameka Gordon

Hi-Pro Feeds, a division of the Jamaica Broilers Group, has introduced a new yeast-based mix to its feeds to provide a healthier, all-natural blend to farmers.
The new blends are facilitated by an agreement for Hi-Pro to use Arm and Hammer Animal Nutrition’s product, Celmanax, in the production of its feeds.
“Farmers everywhere are always looking for ways to boost their productivity and we are looking to work with them to provide healthy alternatives as it’s a growing concern about the overuse of antibiotics in medicating of animals because it can go through to humans  to help develop immunity,” said vice president of agricultural marketing at Jamaica broilers, Conley Salmon.
Celmanax will now be included in Hi-Pro broiler, layer, pig and dairy feeds, Salmon said.
Celmanax is an all-natural, yeast-based product, rich in healthy components, which is currently being used for all types of livestock around the world to aid in promoting animal health, Jamaica Broilers said in a press release.
The product, aimed at small farmers, is a combination of yeast and sugars which are readily absorbed by pathogens and unfriendly bacteria in the animals that are being grown on farms, said Salmon while noting livestock in the tropics tend to have more heath challenges than animals in temperate climates.
Hi-Pro signed an exclusive distribution agreement with US Scientific Distributors, the agents for Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, last week.
Salmon said the Celmanax product was being used by farmers in the Hi-Pro mixes over the last three years as a market test with “extremely good results” in improved growth rate, feed conversion and animal survival reported by farmers and veterinarians.
Hi-Pro is hoping for at least a three to five per cent uptick in demand for its products.
Jamaica produces two million kilogrammes of broiler meat weekly  with at least half of that produced by small farmers, Salmon said
“So this feed will be going to small farmers, getting them to improve their efficiency, reduce the dependence on medication to overcome challenges and hopefully produce a little bit more profit for them,” he said.